Bethenny Frankel Goes on Rant About Not Wanting Close Friendship With Jill Zarin Despite Recent Podcast Reunion, Shares Why as Fans Accuse “Mean Girl” Bethenny of Using Jill for Ratings

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Bethenny Frankel Suggests She's Not Interested in Close Friendship With Jill Zarin Despite Recent Podcast Reunion, as Fans Accuse "Mean Girl" Bethenny of Using Jill for Viewership

Right before her anticipated podcast reunion with former Real Housewives of New York nemesis Jill Zarin, Bethenny Frankel posted a strange video suggesting she isn’t so interested in resuming their once-close friendship.

After the podcast episode dropped, many fans shared their suspicions about Bethenny’s intentions, though Jill herself seems sincere in her desire to reconcile.

In a post shared by @byewighelloddrama on Instagram, via AllAboutTRHBethenny shared she was hesitant to reunite with Jill for the podcast, but she believed their reunion would interest Bravo viewers.

“It’s not because I’m crying in the middle of the night, waking up, sucking my thumb because Jill Zarin and I need to reunite for the rest of time,” said Bethenny, who expressed her desire to have “joyfulness” between her and Jill.

“Last time we talked alone it was 2010. I’m not doing this because I wanna become best friends. So that’s my only hesitation. So I’ve been a wreck all weekend ’cause I don’t wanna open up a door. I also don’t wanna be ratted out in the press and I don’t wanna live in stupid cheesy magazine headlines,” she said.

The alum added, “I wanna do this right. [The] last time I saw Jill was on a plane, it was clean, it was nice. And she asked me for something right after to go to an event to go to something. And, like that’s my fear. Like I don’t wanna go to anything. I don’t wanna hawk gift bags. I just want it to be like we know each other, and it’s good. This is good for you too because you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t doing this. ’cause everybody wants it. The only person who can give it to them is me.”

Many fans were confused by Bethenny’s rant.

“So she used Jill essentially because she wanted heaps of people to listen to her podcast. Now she’s dusting her hands off her that’s mean girl. Poor form,” wrote one user in the comments.

“This is mean lol she’s basically saying she is scared Jill is gonna wanna be her friend. Bethenny you’re literally like a toddler on sugar, Jill probably doesn’t wanna hang with you either,” said another.

A different fan added, “I think Bethany is going through an existential housewives-induced midlife crisis or identity dysmorphia. She came into our lives as a HW, the world got to know her as a HW, she made her wealth as a HW, and therefore, in our minds, she will die a HW. But the problem is this- she doesn’t want to be known as the HW anymore. She tried so hard to pivot her career into daytime television, business women who gives business advice on TV, and so much more, and ALL OF THAT failed because, to the world, she will always belong to Bravo.”

“How many times did Jill apologize to her while they were on RHONY, and 13 years later, Bethany still can’t move on? Skinny mean girl,” wrote another user.

A fifth fan called Bethenny a “clout-chasing, drifting, drama queen, cry baby with an elitist complex, complete with cease and desists and ‘block button’ trigger response can ride anyone and everyone but is always the victim.”