Bethenny Frankel Shares New Details on RHONY Exit, Shares the Contract Change That Served as “Catalyst” for Quitting

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VIDEO: Bethenny Frankel Shares New Details on RHONY Exit, Reveals the Contract Change That Served as the "Catalyst" for Her Quitting

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Bethenny Frankel opened up about her exit from The Real Housewives of New York City in a recent video shared to her TikTok account.

Years after confirming she would not be returning to the Bravo series for its 12th season, Bethenny took to the social media platform to address reports claiming she left the show for money and reveal the contract terminology that ultimately led her to leave the show.

“People thought that I left the Housewives because of money. If I had stayed it would’ve been because of the money. I left because I wanted to leave. I was ready to leave and I used a technicality deal point as my excuse,” Bethenny began.

Looking back at the start of production on RHONY season 11, which began in late 2018, Bethenny revealed she had just lost her former fiancé, Dennis Shields. As fans will recall, Dennis reportedly died of an apparent overdose in August of that year.

“I had just lost someone very close to me and I went to work when the show came back. I didn’t want to. Pros play hurt. I’m a professional. I show up on time. I deliver. That’s my reputation in business,” Bethenny explained.

She then pointed out that because Real Housewives cast members in other cities refused to film because they either “didn’t like other people” or “were at odds” with co-stars, a new point was put into the women’s contracts that stated that if they didn’t appear in an episode, they wouldn’t be paid for it.

Right away, Bethenny was put off.

“[It] doesn’t make sense for me because I already knew that the production company said, ‘We’ll never air an episode without you.’ They told me that directly. I have receipts. And I already knew that I’m a professional and there would just be no situation where I wouldn’t show up for work. But sometimes these little things, if you’re thinking of leaving, you don’t want to be there, I’m the type of person, that one thing will give me an excuse. So I said, ‘No.’”

According to Bethenny, the new point in Housewives‘ contracts was the out she was looking for.

“That was my excuse and then the powers that be said, ‘We would’ve changed it, etc.’ But every little thing matters and I don’t bluff. I just was looking for a reason and that was a good reason,” she noted. “I knew that I showed up for work every single day when I experienced a tremendous loss so obviously I’m going to show up for work every day under any circumstance. There can be no more extreme circumstance than that.”

“The little tiny minute detail that would’ve never came to pass, it was the impetus, that was the catalyst that just said, ‘Boom. Not going back,’” she added.

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