Lenny Hochstein Blasts Fan Who Claims Fiancée’s Engagement Ring Looks “Fake,” as Expert Shares Astonishing Amount of Diamond, Which Costs Twice as Much as RHOM Star Lisa Hochestein’s

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Lenny Hochstein Slams Fan Who Claims His Fiancé’s Engagement Ring Looks "Fake,” as Expert Asserts Diamond Costs Twice as Much as RHOM Star Lisa Hochestein's

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Lenny Hochstein clapped back at a fan who claimed his new fiancée Katharina Mazepa’s ring “look[s] fake,” as an expert asserts that the rock may be twice as expensive as the one he gave his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein.

Many fans of Real Housewives of Miami were shocked to learn of the recent engagement given that Lenny and Lisa are still legally married. Lisa alleged that Katharina and Lenny began their relationship well before he broke up with the reality star.

On his Instagram, in a post shared by @allabouttrh, Lenny responded to the fan.

@divaitudesnews wrote, “Why the ring look face?”

The groom-to-be commented back: “@divaitudesnews why you look like a dude?”

On Saturday, the 27-year-old model showed off her massive diamond ring in an Instagram post celebrating the new engagement.

“On top of an ancient pirate cave, overlooking the sunset over breathtaking Es Vedrá, he asked to steal me away forever. ????‍☠️♾,” she declared.

According to experts speaking to Page Six, the 12-carat jewel perhaps costs over $1 million.

Rare Carat CEO Ajay Anand said the stone is a solitaire diamond that contains no elements of accent design as if to emphasize the near-colorless and high-clarity rock.

“A high-quality diamond this large is very rare and therefore exceptionally expensive,” said Diamond Pro CEO Mike Fried, who agreed it may be worth over $1.5 million.

“Finding a high-quality diamond in this carat weight is exceptionally rare, and weeks of planning likely went into selecting Katharina’s exact diamond. The size and beauty of her diamond is truly breathtaking.”

Last year, Lisa showed off the “upgraded” ring Lenny gave her. Mike estimated that Lisa’s rock is worth around $750,000 — which is half of what the surgeon perhaps paid for his new fiancée’s diamond.