RHOP Star Robyn Dixon Claps Back at Nene Leakes’ ‘Starless’ Diss, as Claudia Jordan Slams NeNe as a “Narcissist” Who Plays the “Victim” After She Alleges Cynthia Conspired to Get Her Fired

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RHOP's Robyn Dixon Reacts to NeNe Leakes’ ‘Starless’ Diss, as Claudia Jordan Slams NeNe as a “Narcissist” Who “Plays Victim,” Plus NeNe Calls Claudia Her “Number 1 Battle” on RHOA

Robyn Dixon reacted to NeNe Leakes‘starless’ diss as Claudia Jordan called out NeNe’s suggestion that Cynthia conspired to get her fired from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, NeNe called Claudia her “number one battle” on the show, and she claimed Claudia should have been given a full-time peach over Porsha Williams.

On her Instagram Stories, Robyn reacted to NeNe’s diss.

“Speaking for myself only…She’s right,” said Robyn. “I’m not a star. I’m a very regular, normal a** person who just happens to be on a reality show. So no offense taken at all. I do find it strange that I’m even mentioned in that conversation though.”

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Claudia Jordan, who NeNe also called ‘starless,’ reacted to the allegation that Cynthia Bailey conspired to get NeNe off the show.

“NeNe plays victim every single time. Has actively and publicly campaigned to get people fired and or demoted,” wrote Claudia on Instagram in a post shared by @queensofbravo. “Girl bye! Cynthia been a real one and she actually should have … dropped her loyalty to this narcissist years ago but remained classy.”

She went on to say, “This is just a case of extreme narcissistic personality disorder where she’s never wrong and everyone MUST be plotting against her cause she’s NEVER done anything wrong to anyone. Straight BS.”

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Speaking on Carlos King’s Reality with the King podcast, NeNe revealed that Claudia was likely her “number one battle,” out of all the women she’s “read” on the show.

“I feel like she took me through it,” explained NeNe. “I feel like we gave each other a run, and not many girls can give me a run … She definitely stood up.”

NeNe then declared that RHOA should’ve “got[ten] rid” of Porsha, and given a full-time “peach” to Claudia.