PHOTO: Kim Zolciak is Accused of Selling Used Louis Vuitton Bag as “Brand New,” See the Pic as Fans React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Don't Be Tardy’s Kim Zolciak is Accused of Selling Fake Louis Vuitton Bag as “Brand New,” See Photo Which Seems to Show Visible Wear and Tear

Kim Zolciak has been accused of selling a used and “fake” Louis Vuitton bag as “Brand New” for $3,500, as an image of the item seems to show visible wear and tear.

The Don’t Be Tardy star is reportedly facing financial difficulties concerning back taxes, and she recently reconciled with husband Kroy Biermann despite their plans for divorce.

On her Instagram Stories, in a post shared by @thegoodthebadandthefake6, Kim is selling a “Brand New” luxury bag for $3,500.

A fan pointed out, however, that there appears to be wear and tear along the stitching of the handle, shown in a close-up.

“Now this is just wrong,” wrote the account in the caption. “‘BRAND NEW’ according to Kim’s description … Do you think she’d give the/a buyer a refund for the bag? BUYER BEWARE! Thank you to the follower who notified me about this.”

In the comments of the post, many fans claimed the bag is both used and fake.

“I have Louis bags that are 30 years old and never seen damage like that. She’s got fakes! Hence the reason she won’t offer certificate of authenticity,” wrote one user.

Another fan echoed this sentiment: “I’ve not had a [Louis Vuitton] do that yet! Not even my oldest ones.”

A third fan speculated, “That bag is fake. Plus, when all you do is lie, it becomes part of who you are and one doesn’t even realize after a while they’re doing it. She is pathological, so it’s all she knows.”

Another added, “I’m a therapist who covers bravo and I’ve seen lots of these posts. When people are deep in active addiction they are not reality based. There is a level of delusion that allows them to continue the behaviors. That is what we are watching and it is quite sad. Hope she can get the help she needs ❤️.”