RHOC Recap: Eddie Confronts Ryan Over Alleged Comment on Tamra and Grills Him on His Relationship With Jenn, Plus Shannon Accuses Heather of Betrayal

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RHOC Recap: Eddie Confronts Ryan Over Alleged Comment on Tamra and Grills Him on His Relationship With Jenn, Plus Shannon Learns She Cannot Trust Heather

This episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County picks up where we left off last week with an irate Shannon. During a tres amigas reunion, Shannon learns that she should have never confided in Heather about her relationship with her boyfriend, John. According to Shannon, “My relationship is over if this is on the air.” Relationships are bound to be picked apart if you are a Housewife — take it from Jennifer and her cheater-boyfriend, Ryan

A distraught Shannon is livid with Heather, who has evidently been telling Emily and Gina that Shannon’s relationship is “sh*t.” You can almost see Tamra salivating at the fact that some drama is erupting between Shannon and Heather. Shannon promises to flip Heather off because she is beyond betrayed by her and it’s not the first time. Heather has a history of dragging Shannon’s relationships (past seasons with Shannon’s ex David prove this to be true), and it’s about time for Heather to learn her lesson and shut her mouth. The tres amigas toast, and for a moment, the tequila overrides the anger Shannon is feeling toward Heather.

Emily and her family roll up to the pumpkin patch. Emily shares that her parenting is a bit different than Shane’s, and she admits that Shane picking on her in front of the kids is really killing her mom vibe. Because Emily never had a solid home growing up, she works as hard as she can to make fun memories with her family. Even when Shane pushes Emily to literal tears in the patch, she still manages to laugh her way through it.

Tamra and Jenn sit down to have some #realtalk. Tamra apologizes again for the pool party antics, and she does what she always does: points the finger at other things for her outbursts. Tamra wants Jenn to trust her again, but I am seeing a pattern here with Tamra. When sh*t hits the fan with her, she blames stuff going on in her life for her behavior. Tamra mentions that she would like to sit down with Ryan to apologize to him as well. Tamra owns up that she should not have done what she did (like throw a napkin in Jenn’s face or drag Ryan’s name through the mud), and she suggests that Jenn and Ryan join her, Eddie, Shannon, and John for a date night. Not awkward at all.

Heather enters for a Javier’s lunch with Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi. Talk about an RHOC curveball of guest appearances, amiright? Heather talks about this new platform, Fireside, founded by Mark and Falon. It is an interactive site, and I am still not 100% sure WTF it is, but Heather has high hopes of it being the stepping stone she needs to get back into the acting biz. Must be nice to know people…

Gina meets up with Jenn for some shopping (aka walking mindlessly through a little boutique touching all of the things and stopping to fake browse). Gina explains to Jenn that “Trav” has already gotten his real estate license, and she should be finished with real estate school in the next two months. Gina and Jenn connect over being hustling mamas, and they seem to have a newfound respect for each other. Jenn lets Gina know that although she is in a somewhat good place with Tamra, she is still not trusting her. Jenn shares that she is supposed to be going to a dinner with Tamra, Eddie, Shannon, and John, and she is a bit apprehensive. Gina insinuates that John and Shannon are not as happy as Shannon makes them out to be, but Jenn will be able to figure that out on her own.

After a “grueling” boxing workout, Jenn, Tamra, and Heather sit down to chat. Heather says that she found a great pied-à-terre (thanks, Bravo, for that on-screen definition) in L.A., which would be a great way to get back into the scene. As she talks real estate, Tamra does a good job of trapping Heather in a lie.

Tamra walks Heather into saying she thinks Shannon and John are doing great, which is interesting considering what she apparently really thinks about the couple. Heather knows that Tamra has a big mouth, and she is leery to say much around her, especially when Tamra throws some bait out when she questions why John and Shannon aren’t moving in together or getting married.

Emily and Shane are out for a date night. Emily wishes that sometimes Shane would be a bit more serious, particularly when it comes to parenting. Emily is not amused that Shane continuously checks and corrects her parenting because she wants more of a team mentality when it comes to the kids. Emily wants to make it clear that she is trying to give her children better than she had, and Shane agrees to respect Emily better in front of the kids.

Gina talks about how excited she is to get her real estate license. This is a bizarre scene, particularly because she is baking cookies in a house that is for sale to get a homey smell, and she practices showing a house to Travis, a little role-playing if you will. We watch as Gina awkwardly tries selling Travis the house through a few cringeworthy moments, including not knowing how much the house costs. Gina still must study for the state exam, but she’s amped to build this real estate empire with Travis. The real questions are, what is she doing with those cookies she was baking, and did she even turn the oven off and wash the cookie tray?!

Shannon clams up when John asks about her dinner with Vicki, but she chooses to omit the awkwardness of the relationship convo. Luckily, the dinner guests begin trickling in, and Tamra divulges that she is nervous to see Jenn’s Ryan, considering this is the first time she is seeing him from the CUT Fitness party after talking mad smack about him. Eddie explains that he cares about Jenn, but she worries about Jenn’s choice of a partner considering his past. As the night progresses, even Shannon can feel the tension rising when Ryan refuses to look at Tamra.

While the boat date from hell continues, Heather and Terry talk housing. Heather cooly drops how Josh and Heather Altman cold-called to potentially sell their home for $65 million dollars. After all, 22,000 square feet is a lot for four people. I’ll say! Heather is exhausted and is “looking forward to living in a house where the staff doesn’t outnumber” her family. Heather and Terry are realizing that, as a couple, it’s time for their next chapter as their kids leave the nest, and that may mean selling their mansion in the O.C.

Tamra can’t help looking at Ryan cuz he’s “dressed so silly” (and I have to agree), but at dinner, Ryan boldly brings up the d*ck pic and claims he has “nothing to address.” When Shannon and John excuse themselves for the bathroom, Ryan takes the opportunity to discuss the elephant in the room. He realizes that Jenn has been struggling because of HIS actions, but he feels betrayed by Eddie and Tamra. Eddie and Tamra commend Jenn for being “amazing” and “strong,” and they make it clear that their loyalty lies with Jenn. Ryan admits he cheated on his wife multiple times, but he denies saying that he wanted to sleep with Tamra.

In fact, Ryan tries to make it like Heather A. is the one telling lies. Jenn believes that Heather A. was in love with Ryan, but that doesn’t excuse all of Ryan’s slimy behaviors. He DID cheat on Jenn when they were “on a break” (very Ross and Rachel), but Ryan continues to try and prove his love for Jenn. After grilling Ryan, Tamra and Eddie decide to let this go and stop beating a dead horse. Ryan hopes to get married to Jenn soon, but Tamra is certain she will not be invited to that wedding. The dinner ends relatively well, all things considered, but there’s always the chance of Ryan sending a d*ck pic to another “wrong person” again, and opening up this drama all over…