Dr. Terry Dubrow Addresses Heather’s Issues With RHOC Castmates, & Shares Update With Tamra Judge, Plus He Warns Against “Ozempic Shaming,” and Live Viewing Thread

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Dr. Terry Dubrow Addresses Heather’s Issues With RHOC Castmates, & Shares Update With Tamra Judge, Plus He Warns Against "Ozempic Shaming," and Live Viewing Thread

Dr. Terry Dubrow addressed his wife Heather’s issues with Real Housewives of Orange County castmates, and he also shared an update with Tamra Judge and warned against “Ozempic shaming.”

In the current season of the Bravo show, Heather seems to be at odds with many co-stars – a dramatic contrast to last season when the actress appeared to run the show in every scene.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Terry addressed Heather’s current issues with the cast.

“I don’t know why Heather seemed to get so isolated from the group,” he shared. “I know that Heather is one of the most caring, wonderful, unfortunately sensitive people you could ever meet. But she’s got so much love and so much absence of hate that it’s unfortunate that she feels and felt isolated.”

He went on to say, “Hopefully as the season goes on, things will get a little bit better. They’ve got some very serious things to work through at the reunion.”

Terry shared that Tamra and his wife are “in a tough spot” following the drama that occurred while filming. “I know they’ve been texting,” said the doctor. “And I can tell you something, there is a lot of — at the base of their relationship — there’s pure love … There is a lot to work through … I’m hoping they can figure it out and go back to where they were, because they are fundamentally really, really nice people and really good friends.”

In a recent interview for Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, Terry addressed another topic that continues to invade the Bravosphere: the use of Ozempic for weight loss (amid allegations that many Housewives are on it).

The plastic surgeon encouraged people to steer clear of “shaming” others who are taking the drug, and he suggested that this phenomenon is “putting people in the hospital.”

“That’s not being reported very much, and that’s because of this phenomenon called Ozempic shaming. We have to stop the Ozempic shaming,” said Terry. This is causing some patients to not tell “their doctors that they’re on it,” which is potentially dangerous to one’s health, he explained.

“It can have a lot of side effects if you’re undergoing elective surgery,” said Terry, who shared that patients “need to open up the dialogue” concerning the medication.

“Think of it as Botox 10 years ago when no one would admit to it. Now everybody admits to Botox,” he said.

His Botched co-star Dr. Paul Nassif claimed patients are now wanting facelifts to treat “Ozempic face,” which is the absence of skin “elasticity” after losing fat.

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