PHOTOS: LeeAnne Locken Loses 35 Pounds With Ozempic, Talks Weight Loss, Update With Kary, Marriage, and RHOD Reboot, Plus RHUGT, and “Biggest Problem” With Show

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RHOD's LeeAnne Locken on Losing 35 Lbs With Ozempic, Potential Reboot, and RHUGT, Plus Says Bravo Lets Go of People "Too Soon" and Shares "Biggest Problem" With Show

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LeeAnne Locken showcased her 35-pound weight loss while attending a series of events last month.

As she revealed she lost the weight with the help of Ozempic, the Real Housewives of Dallas alum addressed a potential reboot of the reality series, shared her thoughts on appearing on a future season of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, and explained the “biggest problem” with RHOD, which was canceled in August 2021 after five seasons.

“I think the biggest problem with Dallas was that we weren’t all really organic friends,” LeeAnne shared with The Messenger, according to an August 1 report. “While some of us have become friends, I think it’s good now to take the group that are friends and move forward with that. Add some new people in there now that we know each other well enough to know what each other’s buttons are.”

According to LeeAnne, RHOD “would be a better show” now since the cast is closer.

“It should be light-hearted. It shouldn’t be dramatic and terroristic,” she noted.

She’s even in a better place with Kary Brittingham, who she was previously accused of using derogatory remarks toward, and reached out to her after her engagement to injury lawyer Mark A. Anderson.

“I told her how happy I was,” she said. “I told her that I was so happy that she has peace in her heart and love in her heart. And she texted me back and she was like, ‘LeeAnne, I really, really, really appreciate that.’ And I wish her the best of luck. When we’re happy, we’re happier, better people.”

As for her own relationship, LeeAnne is still happily married to husband Rich Emberlin, who she wed in 2019.

“Our secret to success is that we don’t try to control each other or direct each other,” she said. “I let him be him. He lets me be me. I feel beyond blessed. He’s my hero. He’s my Prince Charming.”

In a separate interview with The U. S. Sun, LeeAnne commented on the rebooted cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, saying that the OGs of the series knew “what they’re doing.”

“They’re stable. And I just think that they’ve already created an audience that wants to follow them… The audience doesn’t want to let go of them. And I think sometimes Bravo has a tendency to let go of people a little too soon,” she claimed.

LeeAnne also seemed to think that the network gave up on RHOD too soon.

“I think Dallas deserves having a presence in the universe because there’s no other show like it. They had a rodeo for a TV show, and they rode the bull out, so you got to keep the bull in the arena if you want to keep the show going,” she explained. “I always just showed up and did the job. If Andy wants to bring it back, I mean, he’s got my number. He can certainly reach out to me. I’m happy to help him again, put the show back together.

“I’m too quick tongue to give up on reality,” she added.

But if RHOD is never rebooted, LeeAnne would happily take on a role on RHUGT.

“It would be a chance to actually be around Housewives that can keep up with me and that would challenge me to go faster and further and harder and quicker… not to mention getting to know more girls,” she noted. “It’d be great to sit around and hang out, get drunk and crazy – see how much hair we could let down.”

In other news, LeeAnne has credited her unrecognizable new look to Ozempic.

“I cannot tell a lie. There was a magic shot that I took once a week and I just lost 35 pounds,” LeeAnne shared with The U.S. Sun. “I am not complaining one penny. And if people want to be mad at me for that, well poopy on them… I’m very happy.”

While LeeAnne copped to using diabetes medication Ozempic to lose weight, she clarified that she was only on it for “a total of maybe six months.”

“I took a month break in between the three [months] and, you know, I did it the right way. I was safe and I ate,” she insisted.

According to LeeAnne, she went to Ozempic because she was “tired” of her COVID weight.

“My Covid diet was Jack in the Box’s Tiny Tacos and margaritas. I mean, you can’t live on that. And then I tried to get back out and I was like, ‘Wow! None of my clothes fit. Well, this just sucks lollipops!'” she stated.

And while she’s no longer on Ozempic, she’s not worried about regaining the weight.

“It really changes the way you eat,” she explained.

The Real Housewives of Dallas aired on Bravo for five seasons from April 11, 2016, to May 11, 2021.