RHOC Recap: Ladies Reveal Secrets About Shannon’s Relationship With John, as Shannon Confronts Heather for Revealing Her Relationship Issues

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Shannon Confronts Heather for Revealing Her Relationship Issues With John as He’s Accused of Calling Her “Fat”

What were Jenn and Tamra thinking when throwing a theme party titled “You Do Me, and I Do You” on this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County? They probably knew that it would raise some eyebrows (Jenn and Tamra, who were just fighting, are now friends enough to co-host a party?!), and they probably knew that some drama would erupt (like it always does). All the behind-the-back talking gets called to attention by Shannon when she finally confronts Heather.

Tamra and Jenn, who have evidently decided to put aside all their issues surrounding Ryan, are excited to throw their joint upcoming theme party where the ladies dress up as another person in the group. Nah, this is not gonna go sideways, especially considering all the recent drama with Heather and the crew. Tamra insists that she does not want this party to be mean-spirited but rather “light.” I bet…

Tamra and Eddie are heavy lifting (thank you for all those years at CUT Fitness) and moving into their new office for Eddie. Tamra can no longer stand him spending his downtime in the house, and this is a chance for her to get some space from Eddie. Tamra discusses the upcoming party and shares she will be dressing as Heather. Easy. Just walk around being “snooty,” as Tamra puts it.

Gina feigns interest in pumpkins and a friendship with Heather as she awaits her arrival at the patch. Gina thinks it’s kinda weird that Jenn and Tamra are co-hosting a party together, considering their history, but becomes interested in some info Heather shares. Heather lets Gina know that Jenn was telling her that Shannon was trying to poke around in her relationship.

Gina gets frustrated because Shannon is so protective of HER relationship yet has no problem sticking her nose in other people’s relationships. God forbid someone questions Shannon’s relationship with John. Gina is picking up that Shannon wants to deflect. Gina turns the convo to focus on Shannon and what is going on with John, but Heather chooses not to “dive in.” She makes it clear that she will not be talking “against someone.”

Jenn meets up with her friend, Taylor (not Armstrong), to talk about one topic: Ryan. Taylor seems to think that Ryan is a keeper, and Jenn is grateful to get someone else’s opinion on the relationship. Jenn claims she wants to “do it right,” and TBH, Jenn wants to be sure all is well in the end, considering her ex-husband still works for her family business. Jenn is concerned about Ryan feeling trapped if they were to get married, which seems to be the one thing holding her back from taking the next step.

Vicki goes to Shannon’s house because she will be gracing our screens tonight… dressed as herself. Vicki shares that she is dating, but the guy must meet all 18 pieces of criteria, and a boat would be a plus. Sooo, nothing has changed with Vicki. Shannon does her best impersonation of Gina, who she will be dressing as, when she shouts, “You are an open book of bullsh*t.” She also dons a sequin dress and extensions with the tracks showing, highlighting Gina’s hardest chapter of her life.  Real nice.

Shannon makes it clear that she has been having issues with Heather since Heather has been alluding that her relationship issues with John are serious. So what could possibly go wrong tonight besides p*ssing Gina off and starting a fight with Heather?!

Fancy Pants (aka Tamra) rolls up to Jenn’s house rocking all her Heather Dubrow gear. Jenn is dressed as Taylor, Gina as Emily, and Emily as Shannon. Heather enters with a stroller full of animals and children — very on-brand as Jenn. Taylor did a half-a*s job dressed as Tamra, and Gina does not appreciate Shannon choosing the worst version of herself to dress as.

When Vicki enters, she kicks the party off with a keg stand, and we are reminded that RHOC is desperately missing a gem. Sigh. Tamra claims she is Heather “DaHoe,” but let’s be honest, Tamra is simply looking for an excuse to show her a*s.

Emily and Gina discuss the whole Shannon situation. It’s like Shannon doesn’t want the help when it comes to her relationship, but when she has enough cocktails, she wants the help. The duo can’t quite figure out what Shannon wants.

While sitting at the table, the group begins a sexual game where Vicki acts out her favorite sexual position, Taylor shares she’s had a threesome, Emily gets her nipple licked by Taylor, and Vicki does a strip tease. Just an average night with the ladies.

Because the night seems to be going just fine, Tamra inserts herself into the drama and lets Heather know that she knows Heather told Emily that Shannon’s relationship with John isn’t good. Shannon then pulls Heather aside to get to the bottom of it all. Heather denies ever saying that their relationship was bad, and she swears that she is a neutral party. Heather is annoyed that Tama is stirring the pot.

In the meantime, Emily claims the problem is Shannon likes to tell them all about the issues, low key, (like how John left her at NoBu after a fight), but she doesn’t like when they get highlighted. I mean, who does, but Shannon shouldn’t act surprised when and if those issues surface…

Shannon is fearful about telling John everyone is talking about their relationship because he is such a private man, who also happens to be on a Bravo TV show. Because Heather does not want to be singled out, she has no problem letting Shannon know that all the other women are also talking about this.

Heather looks up to see Tamra whispering, and Tamra asks Heather outright, “Did you talk to Emily and Gina about Shannon’s relationship?” When Shannon goes off on Gina, it’s on. She screams that Gina (and the rest of the group) owes John an apology, to which Gina retorts, “Your boyfriend owes you a thousand apologies apparently.” Shannon shrieks about how she has never been more in love and feels like she is getting ambushed. Shannon storms off, and Heather is tired of looking like the manipulator.

Tamra runs to Shannon’s aid but then runs back to the group to confront Heather. After talking to Shannon, she learns that, apparently, Heather told Shannon SHE was sh*t talking, too. What a mess.

According to Emily, it seems like John is not invested in the relationship, and based on Shannon’s reaction to the situation, it seems like something is off. Shannon loses her mind about how she is supposed to talk to John about this recent drama. She claims her relationship with John is good…. except when they get into an argument. Emily tries to talk some sense into a hysterical Shannon. But the issue is that Shannon is trying to maintain a public relationship that is one way, but it’s (evidently) really a bad relationship… According to Emily, John has called Shannon fat.

Shannon denies telling Heather a “handful” of things about her relationship. And when Heather comes over to check on Shannon, Shannon asks, “What’s going on with your marriage,” a dig citing online sources claiming Terry was cheating. After much ado, Shannon leaves and asks the cameras to stop filming her. Vicki runs to her side as Shannon reminds production that she has “normal fights” with her boyfriend.

Heather pulls Emily aside to ask her what she is doing. Heather believes that Emily is just looking for ways to get mad at her, but Gina interjects to remind Emily and Heather that, at the end of the day, everyone is just worried for Shannon.  And it’s time for Shannon to take some accountability, which is not an easy task.