RHONY Recap: Erin Calls Jessel a “Princess” and Jessel Suggests She’s “Fake,” Plus Jenna is Absent From Charity Event

by Julia Comments

RHONY Recap: Erin Calls Jessel a "Princess" and Jessel Claims She Does Not Have Time for "Fake Friends"

On this episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, Brynn divulges more about her past, Sai defends her influencer work, and Erin and Jessel continue to butt heads. Is calling someone a “cackling hag” a joke, or is it something more? When Jessel holds a charity event, the group (all but Jenna “Event” Lyons) comes together for a good cause, but that doesn’t stop them from talking smack.

Brynnsgiving continues to unfold, and with it comes more of Brynn’s heartbreaking background. We learn how her mom’s mom adopted her and her siblings, and that Brynn was so broken as a child, she went as far as drinking a bottle of Dimetapp because she “wanted to sleep forever.” And this was when Brynn was in first grade. How absolutely horrible. Brynn goes on to say only when her father was on his deathbed did she begin a relationship with him.  His death on November 12 has been forever etched into Brynn’s memory, further solidifying her displeasure toward the Thanksgiving holiday.

The ladies rally around Brynn and cheer her on because she overcame her past. A toast is made to “built-in family,” and the meal continues. Jessel talks about her upcoming charity event and invites all of the women. However, you can tell right away how this group feels about Jessel as they all squirm in their seats trying to think of an excuse to get out of it, especially Jenna.

Erin brings up the “cackling hags in the Hamptons,” and Jessel immediately calls Erin mean. Jessel tries to explain away the phrase because she is British and the Brits are crude (sounds very LVPish). Some bickering ensues over whether that phrase is funny or mean-spirited, but Jessel refuses to take the hag comment back. No one can fully understand Jessel, like when Brynn calls her out for always wanting to be with her twins when she is out with the group, BUT THEN she looks for any excuse to get away from them any other day. It is clear that they all believe Jessel’s lack of sex has to do with her communication and tone.

Over in Brooklyn, Sai is going through her influencer gifts. We learn that Sai majored in biology, but her love of fashion pushed her in a different direction. She taught herself to code and started a blog, and when BuzzFeed wrote an article on her, Sai’s career took off. Sai explains how her job is truly a REAL job and she defends it by explaining all the people who work for her, and she even goes as far as saying she provides health insurance for her employees. To me, that’s big league.

Jessel and Erin meet up downtown (in Erin’s stomping grounds). Erin is thinking perhaps Jessel is coming to apologize for being a PITA in the Hamptons, but Jessel is really just there to stick her foot in her mouth… again. She starts off by telling real-estate guru Erin that Tribeca is “really up and coming.” This basically blows Erin’s socks off, and she responds, “It’s there.” Erin reminds Jessel that Tribeca is the most expensive NYC zip code, and this proves that Jessel knows little-to-nothing about NYC.

Jessel finally breaks it down, and she tries to be sure everything is okay between her and Erin in a way only Jessel can. Erin keeps repeating that she is very different from Jessel, and when Erin finds out Jessel is working, she is flabbergasted. Erin claims to not have known Jessel went back to work after the twins, but naturally, Jessel feels as though Erin is not supportive of her. Jessel throws around the importance of women supporting women, and this puts Erin in defense mode.

Things are getting twisted. Erin is annoyed by Jessel and essentially calls her a princess. Jessel did not love that at all, and so she lets Erin know she just doesn’t have time for “fake friends.” Jessel is disappointed she still cannot connect with Erin, and when Jessel leaves the coffee shop, Erin calls her a “lunatic.”

Jenna has her friend over to help her go through the archives of clothing she has in storage. Jenna explains that she enjoys selling things on Instagram and seeing her clothing get new life. We are treated with a walk down memory lane as Jenna goes through rack after rack, narrating where and when she wore each article of clothing.

Brynn and Sai try their hand at a coffee date too, but let’s be honest, their meet-up is between two actual friends. We learn that Brynn is playing in a chess tournament (who knew?!) and that she received an “interesting phone call” from Jessel. According to Brynn, Jessel is OVER the Hamptons and had a few things to say about Erin. So that is exactly why Brynn invited Erin to join this coffee date — time to stir the pot and share the stuff Jessel said.

Erin plops down and rattles off the crazy things that came out of Jessel’s mouth during their meeting, and then Brynn lets Erin know about Jessel’s phone call. Erin explains how she called Jessel a princess, but Brynn is baffled by what triggered Jessel so badly. So… Jessel calls Erin a cackling hag, and when Erin calls Jessel a princess, Jessel gets offended and starts to get teary? The topic of accountability comes up, and no one can understand why Jessel cannot take responsibility for her actions. Erin feels as though she must attend Jessel’s event so as to look like she is supporting women (even though she REALLY does not want to…).

It’s the night of Jessel’s charity event, and she is looking forward to launching her first-ever fashion consultancy, The Know. She wishes more of the group could attend and mentions that Jenna is busy with an “event.” We come to learn that Jenna’s event is decorating her Christmas tree with her son (wearing matching Lyons jumpsuits) and her goddaughters. Kind of a power move to call this an event, and it will absolutely bite her in the a*s when the ladies find out what she is up to.

Sai enters the event, and she immediately reminds Jessel that Erin called her a princess. Sai thinks that maybe it’s just the way Jessel carries herself, but Jessel continues to remind us all that she came from nothing and she is most certainly not a princess. Ubah surprises Jessel and brings over some cookies, Brynn enters talking about her chess tournament, and Jessel’s children get unleashed into the event at some point, sprinkling in some chaos.

The women decide to FaceTime Jenna to see what her “event” is all about (aka to see what’s more important than helping out impoverished children in India). I don’t think they were expecting her “event” to be tree decorating, but Jenna owns it, leaving the group more confused about “events” than before.

Before Erin can even walk into the house, Jessel apologizes to her. I think she sees Erin attending her event as an olive branch, especially because Erin really did not want to come. Erin promises that she doesn’t hold grudges, so she will move on with Jessel, but she will not forget her antics.

Erin apparently never watched any episodes of Real Housewives because she is having an anniversary party where she will be exchanging vows. This is THE curse, but Erin seems excited to invite the ladies. Jessel sits down to discuss Jenna “Lying” Lyons’ verbiage, and they can all agree that she should have never called decorating her Christmas tree an event.  They toss around the word and have a good laugh over what can be considered an event in Jenna’s world…