RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter Shares How Shannon Beador ‘Crossed the Line’ With Her and Accuses Her of Being “Cruel” as She Addresses IG Feud, Plus She Calls Out Heather’s Real Estate Shade and Shares Biggest Misconception

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Gina Kirschenheiter Slams “Victim” Shannon Beador over Recent Instagram War, Calls Out Heather for Real Estate Comments, and Shares Biggest Misconception about Herself

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Gina Kirschenheiter slammed “victim” Shannon Beador over their recent Instagram wars, called out Heather Dubrow for her real estate comments, and revealed the biggest misconception about herself.

The first battle with Shannon began after Gina shaded her for wearing the same skirt on Watch What Happens Live. After Shannon clapped back, Gina dissed how Shannon imitated her outfit on the Real Housewives of Orange County, claiming it was meant to bring her down.

On her “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast, Gina addressed her recent Instagram battles with Shannon, admitting she started the online drama.

During the interview, Gina insisted she can “take a joke,” but believed Shannon used the drama as an opportunity to “remind me that you’re better than me and nobody likes me. That’s cruel. That’s where it crosses the line for me … This is what she does a lot.”

“This is a woman that is 20 years older than me,” said Gina, before host Teddi Mellencamp called out her ‘shade.’ Gina then claimed, however, that she doesn’t make fun of people’s “age.”

According to Gina, the “game” that Shannon “plays” is “ignor[ing] us” and “treat[ing] us bad,” but the “second you say anything to her, she’s instantly the victim.”

The star then shared that “a lot of people” bought “the skirt” on her online store, which was “really cool.”

She eventually called out another castmate – Heather Dubrow – for comparing her real estate pursuits to what her “18-year-old kid is also doing … [Heather] brought it up like several times.” Gina suggested that Heather found the idea “cute,” and said her son could “help” her if she needed it.

“Like what are you doing Heather?” Gina asked. “…I could have done without that.”

Gina hinted that the biggest misconception about herself is that she’s “boring,” though she believes this insult means the person is actually “the most stable and well-adjusted.”

She also revealed that she gets “anxiety” watching herself on the show past a certain point at night, and it prevents her from sleeping.