RHOC Recap: Shannon Reveals Her Relationship Issues, Accuses Heather of Being Manipulative, and Emily Lashes Out at Her, Plus Heather Sells Mansion for $55 Million and Buys a New Penthouse

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Shannon Tries to Defend Her Relationship and Emily Calls Her Jekyll and Hyde; A $55,000,000 Offer Has Been Accepted on Heather's OC Mansion; Plus, Emily Attends a Gala For the California Innocence Project

The time has come for Shannon to start taking accountability for her actions. On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon’s fiesta party flops once half the group bails, and she needs a flow chart with all the people she feels ambushed by. For a lady who stated, “I have arguments that paralyze me” (totally normal), Shannon is awfully defensive when it comes to her relationship with her boyfriend, John

Shannon feels betrayed by Heather. She cannot comprehend why Heather would hurt her by repeating and (allegedly) blowing Shannon’s relationship issues out of proportion. Clearly exhausted by Shannon, John simply states that the women just “need to shut the f*ck up.” Advice of the century.

On a completely different note, Emily‘s involvement with the California Innocence Project has been going on for nearly three years. She is preparing for the annual gala by helping an exoneree named Kimberly shop for the event.  Kimberly shares how she came home and found her boyfriend murdered, and so she was wrongly accused of committing the crime. Years later, Kimberly is making up for lost time by appearing on RHOC and getting treated to not one but two dresses by Emily. Emily makes it clear that learning stories like Kimberly’s truly helps put her “issues” in perspective.

Gina talks to Heather about Shannon’s fiesta, and we learn that neither Heather nor Gina will be attending. Heather plans on going to Huntington Beach to have an in-person convo with a very upset Shannon, and Gina shares that she would much rather attend a philanthropic event with Emily as her plus-one for the Innocence Project. Heather explains that she is hopeful that, once she talks to Shannon, things will be better.

As Shannon sets up her (apparently production-pushed) fiesta, Heather pays her a visit. It is tense as Heather denies initiating a conversation about Shannon’s relationship with the other women and Heather refuses to take the blame for airing Shannon’s dirty laundry in her relationship.

Shannon feels like she can no longer trust anyone and is p*ssed off that Heather is spreading her business. Evidently, when Shannon drinks at night, she calls people and spills her guts about her relationship. LOVE when Heather tells Shannon to stop saying John is a “private person” because Heather has heard that John is only with Shannon because she is on a show. Wow. In true Shannon fashion, she storms off when she feels attacked (or when people are not telling her what she wants to hear).

We see the other side of Jenn (NOT the d*ck pic-receiving girlfriend) as she talks about adoption with her son, Dominic. Dominic’s earliest memories were with Jenn, but she wonders if one day he would like to meet his birth mom.  She is happy that Dominic fits so seamlessly into their lives and it’s a nice scene, as opposed to all the drama with the other ladies.

Heather and Terry are busy signing their life away on their new penthouse. Heather explains how she wanted a cool apartment in L.A., and they have accepted a $55,000,000 offer on her massive Orange County home. What a life.

Emily FaceTimes Shannon in hopes of resolving issues with Shannon before her party. Emily’s plan was to head to Shannon’s fiesta late (after the Innocence gala), but after this conversation, Emily decides not to go at all. Shannon is exhausted about Emily seemingly talking smack about her relationship, but Emily sets the record straight. Emily says, “You share a bunch of bullsh*t with everyone off-camera and don’t take any accountability for it.” Emily claims that Shannon is Jekyll and Hyde when she talks about John.

Emily hangs up on Shannon’s angry rant, and both ladies break the fourth wall as they turn to the producers to vent… or, in Shannon’s case, beg. Shannon pleads to have the scene cut out and asks the producers to not film her event. Shannon goes on about money and talks about how John’s kid doesn’t like her (all things she doesn’t want on camera), but it’s kinda hard to curate what the public knows WHEN YOU ARE ON TV.

The California Innocence Gala kicks off, and Gina is there to cheer Emily on. Gina reminds her she is a great person and friend. This is even more so why Emily is annoyed that Shannon is mad at her — Emily is just trying to be a good friend. Gina and Emily meet various exonerees, and after hearing from a woman who was convicted of a double murder and was finally exonerated after 28 years, “We learn that you don’t have a reason to complain.” It’s cute and all that Gina is there to support her bestie at the gala, but where is Shane?! Emily gets the chance to speak about something of importance versus Shannon speaking about her “tough day.”

The juxtaposition of the gala and Shannon freaking out about six people not showing up to her fiesta is laughable and production gold. Shannon claims it is the “worst case scenario” for her, so perhaps she should roll up to the Innocence Project gala for a reality check? Tamra is there to support Shannon, and so is Taylor and her husband, the other John. Jenn rolls up with everyone’s favorite boyfriend, Ryan, and Shannon lets the group know that the others bailed.

Despite the disappointment, Shannon’s (minimal guests) throwback tequila, and the group becomes highly intoxicated. John says his relationship with Shannon is not perfect, but it’s theirs. Jenn jumps in to talk about relationships being scrutinized, and she can understand why Shannon is so upset being that Jenn’s relationship has been under a microscope.

Taylor is unsure who she can trust, and Jenn adds how Gina feels like Shannon is poking around in her relationship, yet, according to Gina, no one can talk about John. Shannon claims she tries to be nice to Gina (she helped her with her DUI — she will remind us all every day), and her friend called the DA at 10 at night so that Gina’s kids were not taken away by CPS from her at eight in the morning. Ooph. Not light dinner convo. Line crossed.

In the meantime, Heather enters her new penthouse designed by Roberto Cavalli. She’s such a name-dropper. Heather needs to put a Heather touch on the furniture and states that she has chosen not to share the potential sale of her O.C. home with anyone.

Jenn and Gina, the neighbors, talk about Shannon and her fiesta. Jenn shares what Shannon said at the table about CPS, and Gina loses it. Gina emphasizes that is a false statement about losing her kids — she had a DUI! Shannon loves to remind Gina that she “saved her,” and Gina believes that Shannon is now just being cruel by crossing the line. Regarding Shannon, Gina states, “You can’t light me on fire and have everybody watch me burn so they don’t look at you.”

Emily meets a rather done-up Shannon for brunch, and things are tense. Emily apologizes for her chaotic FaceTime call, and Shannon goes on the defense right away. Shannon does not like that Emily talked about her behind her back. Shannon feels as though Emily is exaggerating things about life with John, and then Shannon veers off and starts bashing Heather. According to Shannon, Heather is insinuating that it’s all this bad stuff and that Heather is a calculating and manipulative liar. Emily steers Shannon back on track and makes her focus on THEIR relationship. An emotional Emily tries to stress how much she wants Shannon to be happy. Shannon feels much better about her meeting with Emily, but she is wary about who to trust.