Kroy Biermann Begs Kim Zolciak to Sign Off on Sale of Georgia Mansion as He Requests Emergency Hearing Amid Their Financial Woes and His Attorney Suggests Kim’s Being Dishonest

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Report: Don’t Be Tardy’s Kroy Biermann Pleads with Kim Zolciak to Sell Georgia Mansion Immediately amid Couple’s Financial Woes

Credit: Instagram

Kroy Biermann reportedly is pleading with his estranged wife Kim Zolciak to sell their Georgia mansion immediately, amid the Don’t Be Tardy stars’ divorce and financial woes.

The former athlete recently filed for divorce a second time after the couple’s brief reconciliation, and it seems he’s moving forward with the divorce despite his wife’s insinuations.

According to TMZ, Kroy’s lawyer Marlys A. Bergstrom, told the outlet that Kim was posturing when she claimed it was her own idea to sell the Georgia mansion, and her claim is meaningless given the severity of the situation.

The outlet also reported that Kroy is getting tired of the pettiness with Kim – he simply wants the best for everyone, including the four kids – and he’s urging her to agree to put their home on the market immediately.

By selling the house, Kim and Kroy can collect the equity and begin to pay off their debt.

According to the attorney, the family owes over a million dollars, and their home is on the verge of possible foreclosure for good, in spite of the athlete’s attempts to sell his personal belongings and continue paying the mortgage.

The outlet was told Kim and Kroy will be on the streets unless they do something soon, as other bill collectors are also coming after them. Marlys said selling the house is the only way to fix the family’s financial problems, and Kroy is essentially pleading with Kim to sign a consent agreement to begin this process.

Kroy requested an emergency hearing, hoping that a judge would give him permission directly, but Marlys indicated that this would be unnecessary if his wife simply agreed to sell.

According to the attorney, Kroy’s only intention is to protect the kids and help the family move on – he has no desire to hurt Kim.

Marlys indicated that Kroy is now in Georgia attempting to handle the couple’s financial problems, while Kim is off in L.A. The star wants Kim to return home so she can help navigate their money issues.