Lala Kent Dishes on Drama With Vanderpump Rules Costars, Shares Hardest Part of Filming, and Accuses Ex Randall of Lying About $75K Payment to Ex Ambyr, Plus New Details on Finale Fight

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Lala Kent Teases Drama on Vanderpump Rules, Shares Hardest Part of Filming, and Accuses Ex Randall of Lying About $75,000 Payment to Ambyr Childers

Lala Kent addressed a “weird night” when she was “yelling at everybody,” including Tom Sandoval, while filming Vanderpump Rules season 11. She also shared what’s “hard” about filming reality TV, and seemingly accused her ex Randall Emmett of lying about paying his ex-wife $75K.

On an Amazon live via @vanderpodrecapscaps, shared by @byewighellodrama on Instagram, Lala addressed the “weird night” at a recent party.

“There was a moment in time where I was kind of yelling at everybody … Anybody who was in my little circle that chose to enter the dragon’s lair was being lit on fire,” said Lala. “What a weird weird night. But it ended awesome. But just not what you expect.”

Lala then hinted at why reality TV is “so hard.”

“It’s your real life. And then you get over things, and you got a few months until now everybody gets to judge something that you’ve already judged yourself for and gotten over and it makes you want to crawl in a hole.”

Addressing what it was like to film with Tom again, Lala answered, “Again it was a very strange season … It will be interesting to actually watch it and see the vibe of everything and everyone. Because I don’t know what conversations everyone had and I don’t know what people said behind everybody’s backs. Which is why the reunion is so juicy.”

She also claimed the incident involving an “intoxicated” man – who threw a drink during the season finale – was “not set up” by either Tom, his friend Billie Lee or production. “This was some nutcase that had too much to drink.”

Lala said the man was a “giant fan” who “continued to come into our area and act inappropriately, trying to get me to drink after I told him 17 times I was sober … He was removed multiple times by security.”

In an Instagram post shared by the same fan account, Lala seemingly accused Randall of lying – concerning a Radar report that claims, per court docs, that he paid his ex Ambyr Childers $75,000 for legal fees.

“THE LIES! THE LIES! THE LIES!” exclaimed Lala, repeating Kandi Burruss‘ infamous line. She later warned on Amazon Live that people should be “afraid” when Lala feels she’s being put in a “hole” because she’ll “come back with vengeance.”

Seemingly addressing the Randall report, Lala said she “know[s]” this is “not true.”

“I don’t like when people pretend to pay people when they haven’t,” she said. “Especially when the whole schtick behind you is you don’t pay people.”