Ambyr Childers Shares Update on Co-parenting With Ex Randall After Restraining Order Drama as She Reveals the “Hardest Part”

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Ambyr Childers Shares Update on Co-parenting With Ex Randall After Restraining Order and Alleged FBI Investigation Drama as She Reveals the "Hardest Part"

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Ambyr Childers offered an update on her co-parenting relationship with ex-husband Randall Emmett during a recent interview.

Several months after Ambyr, 35, filed a restraining order request against the 52-year-old film producer, who also shares 2-year-old daughter Ocean with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, 32, the actress says she’s doing her best to navigate their 50/50 custody arrangement for daughters London, 12, and Rylee, 9.

“It’s hard, and sometimes I just explain to my kids that two homes are sometimes better than one, right?” she shared with the Daily Mail earlier this month. “That’s been the hardest part for me — knowing how to protect my kids but also to teach them how people should treat other people.”

“Teach them that if you just lead with love and kindness and respect, that’s all we need. That’s all we need in the world. But some people don’t get that,” she added.

According to Ambyr, who suggested she was contacted by the FBI concerning Randall’s ‘suspected activities with exploitation’ (which he vehemently denied) in court documents filed in December 2022, she and Randall have “different” styles of parenting their two kids.

“You go through leaps and valleys,” she explained. “Some months are really good, and some months are really, really bad.”

As fans may recall, Ambyr accused Randall of not only being targeted with an FBI investigation as she requested a restraining order against him and filed for sole custody of London and Rylee, but of being physically and emotionally abusive towards her.

“I’ve had a really difficult time co-parenting, but I’m not going to give up. I’m going to continue to work on the relationship and to do what’s best because it’s for my kids,” she continued. “At the end of the day, my kids will always come first, and with that in mind, it makes co-parenting a lot easier whether I’m disagreeing or agreeing, or whatever I’m fighting for in the moment. My kids will always come first.”

In January, amid Ambyr’s restraining order request, which was ultimately dismissed, Randall fired back at her claims against him.

“Anyone can say whatever they want in a pleading; that doesn’t make it true,” he told Page Six .”There is zero evidence that I’m being investigated for anything, and we still share 50/50 custody of our children. I am shocked and in utter disbelief that Ambyr would even hint at something so disgusting and untrue.”