Ambyr Childers Alleges Ex Randall Emmett is Being Investigated by FBI as She’s Granted Restraining Order, Plus Why Lala Kent is “Deeply Concerned”

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Ambyr Childers Granted Restraining Order Against Randall After Citing Alleged FBI Investigation, Why Lala Kent is "Deeply Concerned"

Ambyr Childers was granted a temporary restraining order against ex-husband Randall Emmett in a Los Angeles court last month after citing a supposed FBI investigation against the film producer.

After a previous request was denied due to a lack of evidence, the 34-year-old actress returned to court, where she filed a second set of documents against Randall, 51, revealing a call from an FBI special agent caused her “extreme destruction and disturbance of [her] emotional calm and peace of mind” because her two daughters, London, 12, and Rylee, 9, “are often alone” with him.

In a January 5 report shared by the Los Angeles Times, it was confirmed that on December 22, a judge demanded Randall stay 100 yards away from Ambyr and refrain from contacting her unless it is a “brief and peaceful” discussion about their kids.

As for Ambyr’s communication with the FBI, she said they reached out to her on December 6, wanting to know about Randall’s “suspected activities with child exploitation,” and she noted that she’s concerned about running “the risk” of their children being in Randall’s care if “federal law enforcement serve either an arrest or search warrant on him or on his premises.”

Although a spokeswoman for the FBI couldn’t “confirm or deny the existence of an investigation” to The Times, Randall denied the investigation entirely, telling the outlet he was “not being investigated by the FBI nor anyone else, and the notion that I am is beyond absurd.”

“There is zero evidence that I’m being investigated for anything,” he continued. “I am shocked and in utter disbelief that Ambyr would even hint at something so disgusting and untrue.”

According to Randall, who shares joint legal custody with Ambyr, the claims being made against him are “designed to hurt my career without any evidence whatsoever.” But according to The Times, they’ve spoken to three others who also claimed to have been contacted by the FBI in regard to Randall’s alleged activities.

Ambyr’s attorney, Larry Bakman, spoke to The Times, responding to a statement from Randall’s family attorney, Heather M. Patrick, who said that the lawyers representing her and Randall are in the middle of “globally resolving the unfounded allegations” against Randall.

“The Court issued protective orders against Randall Emmett premised upon a prima facie showing of abuse. If Emmett contends she is lying, he should try the matter in a Court of Law rather than the media,” he said. “I can confirm that Emmett’s prior counsel has never once reached out to discuss settlement.”

The attorney also stated that he was “open to discussing settlement terms and conditions on behalf of my client.”

In addition to Ambyr accusing Randall of being “physically and emotionally abusive” to her during their eight-marriage, claiming he “attempted to strangle” her during a post-nuptial agreement discussion, which Randall denies, Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent said Randall “tackled” her and “knocked her to the ground” after she confronted him about his alleged cheating, which he also denied.

An attorney representing Lala, who shares one-year-old daughter Ocean with Randall, confirmed Lala is aware of the allegations against Randall.

“We are deeply concerned about these allegations,” said Daniel J. Paletz. “At this time, our sole focus is on the safety of the children and ensuring that the children and any possible victims who may come forward be protected.”

A court hearing has been set for January 12 for further discussion on Ambyr’s restraining order.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 will reportedly premiere on Bravo on Wednesday, February 8.