Ambyr Childers Obtains New Temporary Restraining Order Against Randall Emmett, Alleges “Physical and Emotional Abuse” as Randall’s Rep Speaks

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Ambyr Childers Obtains New Temporary Restraining Order Against Randall Emmett, Details "Physical and Emotional Abuse" as Randall Says Filing is "Retaliation"

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Randall Emmett‘s ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, obtained a new temporary restraining order against him ahead of the holidays.

Just two days after a judge dismissed a restraining order request the actress filed against Randall in October, which mentioned a “threatening and harassing email” written by Randall’s attorney, Benjamin Valencia, Ambyr’s new request was signed off on.

According to a December 27 report from The U.S. Sun, the former couple appeared in court last Tuesday, December 20, with their attorneys, where a judge determined that the email, which encouraged Randall to come up with money to “take this c-nt out once and for all,” was “inadmissible” because it fell into the category of “confidential attorney-client communication” and dismissed Ambyr’s request.

But after Ambyr filed a second request the same day, a judge signed off on the order on Thursday, December 22, which ordered Randall to stay 100 yards away from her and not contact her directly or indirectly by “telephone, mail, email, or other electronic means.”

Although Randall must stay away from Ambyr until their next hearing in January, he can have “brief and peaceful contact” with her about their kids and will attend a court-ordered mediation appointment.

“This new request contains further incidents of abuse separate and apart from those contained in the prior October 25th request,” Ambyr had written in court documents. “In addition, this new request provides further details of the prior physical abuse and threats of imminent serious bodily injury perpetrated by Respondent against Petitioner.”

“Further detailed information is provided to allow the Court to discern the nexus between Respondent’s past physical and emotional abuse and the extreme distress caused to me by Respondent’s intentional sending of the October 21st email threatening to ‘take the c**t (me) out once and for all,'” she continued.

Ambyr went on to say that Randall is “coercively controlling,” and she claimed that he “previously committed physical abuse against me including but not limited to attempted strangulation.”

“Respondent assaulted me for refusing to again sign the post-marital agreement” and “when I fail to acquiesce to Respondent’s demands, he will punish me by preventing me from contacting the girls,” she added, referring to their two daughters, London, 12, and Rylee, 9.

But in response to the allegations, a rep for Randall told The U.S. Sun, “This is nothing more than a retaliation to the court dismissing Ambyr’s first request for a restraining order. The allegations contained in the complaint are completely fabricated. We are confident the court will dismiss her second request.”

“Randall is confused by all of this as he and Ambyr celebrated family events together and she has asked him for work,” the rep also said.

Randall previously accused Ambyr of teaming up with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, the mother of his one-year-old daughter Ocean, in an attempt to win their respective custody battles.

“I believe that Ambyr and Lauren (Lala) are working together in [an] attempt to destroy my reputation to give them both an advantage for custody,” he alleged. “Ambyr has completely fabricated abuse that never happened and I believe that Lauren has convinced her to do so.”