Randall Emmett Seemingly Reacts to Restraining Order Drama as Ambyr is Accused of Using Child Support on Girls’ Trip, Plus Lala is Blamed for Co-Parenting Drama

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Randall Emmett Seemingly Reacts Amid Restraining Order Drama as Ambyr is Allegedly Caught Using Child Support on Girls’ Trip, Plus Lala is Blamed for Co-Parenting Drama

Randall Emmett seemingly reacted to his restraining order drama with ex-wife Ambyr Childers by sharing a cryptic message on his Instagram Story at the end of last week.

Days after the actress filed for a restraining order against him, claiming she was “fearful for her safety” after coming across an email between the film producer and his family attorney, Ben Valencia, and months after she was caught using money meant for their kids, 12-year-old London and eight-year-old Rylee, on a girls’ trip, Randall shared a telling message on social media.

“Always choose the High Road There is less Traffic And the View is much Better,” the message read, via E! News.

In the email in question, Randall’s attorney reportedly told him he needed “real money” to “take this c-nt out once and for all,” allegedly in regard to Ambyr. However, when Ambyr went to court with the email, as well as other correspondence between the two men, her request was denied by a judge who felt there was a lack of proof.

In a statement shared with Reality Blurb after the filing, a rep for Randall said, “Randall is pleased the Court agreed there was no merit to any of the claims and denied the request.”

Amid the drama, Randall’s other ex, Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent, with whom he shares 19-month-old Ocean, spoke out against him in a post shared to her own Instagram Story, claiming that one year prior, she had escaped “a toxic and unsafe place.”

“I didn’t know what my future would hold. I lost 30 pounds from the stress and the trauma,” she shared.

But in response, Randall’s rep told E! News, “These claims are completely fabricated, and it’s disappointing that Lala continues to make up stories eight months after their break-up.”

In other news, as revealed in legal documents obtained by Radar Online on October 28, a court discovered Ambyr spent “almost all the money in [an account set up for expenses related to her and Randall’s kids] within the first thirty days, including on a trip to a luxury five-star resort for a girls’ trip” in 2021.

In addition to child support, Randall had been required to maintain a balance of $50,000 in a bank account accessible to Ambyr before the trip was exposed. And as Radar shared, that wasn’t the only thing Ambyr did to upset a judge presiding over her and Randall’s custody case. She also upset him with a text message she sent to Randall in which she said she’d watch their kids for $1,000.

“I saw that text, and I almost had a heart attack,” the judge stated. “You sent your husband a text saying that since he wasn’t available to take care of the children, he needed to send you a check because you were taking care of the children.”

According to an insider who spoke to Radar Online, Randall and Ambyr’s co-parenting relationship has been negatively impacted by Ambyr’s newfound friendship with Lala.

“Since she befriended Lala, it’s been a whole different ballgame,” one person claimed, adding that Randall and Ambyr were “functioning as a family” before she and Lala began spending time together.

“Suddenly Ambyr is trying to get sole custody of the kids and more money out of Randall,” an insider said. “If you saw them together at these school events it makes no sense; Everyone was getting along fine.”

Randall and Ambyr are due in court on November 14 for a hearing regarding her restraining order request.