Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Reacts to Restraining Order Against Randall by Ambyr, Plus She Celebrates Split Anniversary From Ex-Fiance

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Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Reacts to Ambyr's Restraining Order Request Against Randall, Admits She Lost 30 Pounds From "Trauma" Before Split

Lala Kent reacted to Ambyr Childers‘ recent restraining order request against their mutual ex, Randall Emmett, on her Instagram Story on Thursday evening.

Following the sharing of a Los Angeles Times article, which detailed a series of “threatening” email exchanges Ambyr had come across prior to her filing, the Vanderpump Rules star took to her social media page, where she shared snippets from the story and celebrated her own independence from the director and producer.

“Ambyr’s story is not mine to tell. The many other alleged victim’s stories are also not mine to tell. I am horrified by what took place, and the alleged emails that were exchanged between [Randall Emmett] and his counsel,” Lala wrote in one of her October 27 posts.

Then, in a second, along with an image of Randall’s attorney, Ben Valencia, Lala included a statement he allegedly made, via email, to Randall.

“When will you get some real money together so we can take this c-nt out once and for all. This is not good for your girls,” it said.

With a third, Lala added Randall’s reported response, which read, “I don’t have real money for this and you know it.”

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Reacts to Ambyr Restraining Order Against Randall

Although a judge denied Ambyr’s request, the situation is expected to be heard further during a hearing set for November 14.

In response to the filing, a rep for Randall told Reality Blurb, “Randall is pleased the Court agreed there was no merit to any of the claims and denied the request.”

Also, on Lala’s Instagram Story, the Pump Rules cast member reflected on the one-year anniversary of her and Randall’s breakup, which was reportedly prompted by infidelity on his part.

“Happy Independence Day to me. A year ago today I had my ducks in a row and it was time to execute my game plan of escaping a toxic and unsafe place,” Lala began, along with a photo of herself and the one-year-old daughter she and Randall share, Ocean Kent Emmett.

“Even writing this, my heart has started pounding. I didn’t know what my future would hold. I lost 30 pounds from the stress and the trauma. But I had to carry on, without skipping a beat — my daughter needed me,” she continued. “And when it all became too much, I would hand it over to God and the universe. I knew they would cradle me. They did [and] have ever since. Thank you to my mama, Jess, Logan, and Leo, for being my rocks. Without you, I would have been stuck. Today, I feel happy.”

Lala concluded her message by seemingly giving a nod to her ongoing custody battle with Randall, writing, “It is one day at a time until I reach resolution for the well-being of Ocean.”

Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent Celebrates Independence From Randall Emmett

Vanderpump Rules season 10 is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.