Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett Threatened to Call Cops on Her as She Shares New Details About Cheating, Reacts to $10 Mil Lawsuit, Plus Talks Being “Very Triggered” by Him in Relationship

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent on Why Randall Threatened to Call Cops on Her Post-Split, New Details About Alleged Cheating, and $10.8M Lawsuit, Being "Very Triggered" by Him

Lala Kent opened up about her split from Randall Emmett on Tuesday while appearing on Jeff Lewis‘ radio show.

Seven months after the Vanderpump Rules star discovered photos of the film producer in Nashville with a couple of other women and promptly moved out of their $6.29 million home in Bel Air, Lala further detailed his alleged cheating while explaining why Randall threatened to call the cops on her post-split.

“It was seven months [after their daughter Ocean’s birth], it was him just walking across the street with two girls and my intuition was just like, you couldn’t ignore it. I immediately was like, sick to my stomach,” Lala recalled on Jeff Lewis Live. “Something’s wrong. This person is not who you think he is. And my intuition was absolutely correct.”

According to Lala, one of the women seen in the Nashville photo was someone Randall had met at a Miami nightclub in March of last year — the same month she gave birth to their now-one-year-old daughter.

“He was attracted to her friend but her friend was not into him so he went to her. That’s when they started their relationship… They traveled together… She was like his main girl but there were many women,” Lala continued, telling Jeff she knows “everything” but will “never reveal [her] sources.”

Following the reveal of the Nashville photos, Lala began planning to leave her former fiancé — unbeknownst to him.

“He went to Miami. I packed my stuff and he found out the next day. I got a lot of text messages. Because, you know, he wasn’t letting me leave the house with Ocean,” Lala revealed.

As Lala explained, Randall didn’t trust her to leave their former shared home with Ocean after she learned of his Nashville rendezvous and would actually threaten her if she didn’t return home.

“He would threaten to call the police if I didn’t return her and he would give me time periods that I could take her. I don’t think he knew I was leaving. I think he needed to regain control of me… I’m shaking just thinking about that time period. It was horrific,” Lala admitted.

While Lala played the game for a while, she ultimately vacated the property on October 27, which was 12 days after learning her then-partner had reportedly been unfaithful.

“We [moved me out] quick. I was worried that he was having me watched, which he did send people to watch. Luckily, they didn’t watch me move out. I packed my stuff probably in four hours. I took my clothes. I went to an Airbnb that I had rented. It was one that I could get quickly and also one that was nice enough that I would enjoy staying there but not break the bank. I stayed there for a little less than a month,” Lala shared.

In addition to making headlines in recent months due to his alleged affairs, Randall has also been faced with some drama of the legal kind, including a lawsuit from his former landlord and a second case filed by a loan company.

“I think it was $10.8, yeah. I don’t know the ins and outs of it. I was just sent the headline,” Lala said in response. “I don’t really deep dive into what he’s going through because it really has nothing to do with me.”

That said, Lala didn’t seem too surprised by the lawsuits, saying that when her relationship with Randall ended, “I had people call me to collect money.”

“And I said, ‘We weren’t married. You’ve gotta collect elsewhere. Sorry,’” Lala explained.

Even before Lala was faced with Randall’s supposed misdeeds, things between them weren’t nearly as lovey-dovey as many assumed.

“I was always very triggered by his presence,” Lala confessed. “We were great when he was out of town and we communicated through texting and phone calls but the moment we were actually physically together, it was non-stop arguments and I didn’t understand why I was so triggered by him all the time.”

Although Lala initially thought she was the problem, “all the cracks” in their relationship began to show after Ocean arrived.

“I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So even though I wanna say that I was happy, I have a bird’s eye view now where I can put all the pieces together and it all makes a lot of sense. I feel like I was just comfortable,” she reasoned. “I had accepted, this was my life, this is who I chose to be with, my heart feels safe and that’s good enough for me, even though for me, even though I am triggered by him always. We did a great job of portraying something different to the public than what went on in the house.”

Lala went on to say she would have never guessed Randall would have betrayed her.

“I would have put Ocean’s life on him never creeping around on me. And how sad is that? All I wanted in a relationship was my person to not cheat on me. I just wanted someone who was loyal and faithful and I thought I had found that,” she concluded.

Bravo renewed Vanderpump Rules for a 10th season earlier this month.