RHONY Recap: Erin Accuses Brynn of Lying About Embryo Story and Jenna Cries After She’s Called Out For Not Sharing Enough as She & Sai Open Up About Their Childhood Trauma

by Julia Comments

RHONY Recap: Erin Accuses Brynn of Lying About Embryo Story and Jenna Cries After She’s Called Out For Not Sharing Enough as She & Sai Open Up About Their Childhood TraumaThe Anguilla girls’ trip is in full swing on this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. It is not your typical beachy entertainment — there are a LOT of tears, as Jenna and Sai show a more vulnerable side of themselves, and a LOT of fights between Erin and Brynn who clearly have issues to resolve.

Luckily, everything is easier to work through in a villa as beautiful as theirs, and at the end of the day, this group has more in common than they realize…

Everyone is decked out for dinner, and they discuss the plans for the next day… of course, all of the plans involve food, and therefore, we know right away Erin did NOT plan this trip. LOL. Ubah talks about how sitting on the beach makes her feel like she is back home, and she describes Africa as paradise. She adds that Africa just doesn’t have good PR.

When Jessel talks about dress-swapping with Jenna, Ubah takes this as an opportunity to harp on Brynn for her comments to Abe about wife-swapping at Erin’s party. Brynn makes a genuine apology to Erin for saying her party was boring (it was boring…), but she says she would never flirt with a friend’s husband.

Erin is a bit perplexed as to why Brynn is choosing not to apologize for her inappropriate jokes toward Abe. Jessel jumps in to remind Erin that Brynn was only joking around, but Ubah has Erin’s back. She calls bullsh*t on Brynn’s comments, and it’s a mindf*ck when Brynn demands an apology from Erin for “accusing” her of awful behavior.

Sai has had enough of this back and forth and she waves the waiter over so the ladies can place their order. It is clear Brynn and Erin are beating this to death, and after much ado, Brynn and Erin hug it out. Although they are able to end their beef, the air is not completely cleared, as Brynn is still unhappy with Jenna.

Brynn is irked that Jenna flew coach (def because she is jealous), and Jenna claims she doesn’t remember what she said to Erin about the flight cuz she was post-op dental surgery. Brynn’s issue with Jenna goes deeper than flights… evidently, it’s that Jenna gives gifts instead of connecting with the group. Brynn better STFU cuz Jenna gives some prettyyyyy nice prizes…!

Brynn just wants to learn about Jenna, and the group agrees, but maybe Jenna doesn’t feel comfortable sharing. It may seem like they are ganging up on Jenna (because they are), but they claim to want to connect with her. Jenna is guarded, and she explains that she has been screwed too often in her life. She truly does want to be friends with the girls, and although she claims she is okay, you can tell she got rocked by the interrogation.

Erin goes over to hug an emotional Jenna, who says that opening up is hard, considering her childhood. Her mom had Asperger’s and gave zero emotion. Jenna grew up in a quiet house, and so she never really learned how to share. Jenna is keen on the fact that not EVERYONE has talked about their upbringing. She calls out Jessel and asks her to share her story.

We learn that Jessel’s parents are from Africa and they came to England as immigrants. The story is interesting, but it takes a turn when she rambles on and on and completely loses the interest of the crowd. Jessel explains she did not have much growing up and that’s why she took offense by Erin’s comment that “she’s used to being catered to.” Bravo to Bravo showing all the flashbacks of Jessel’s mom catering to all of Jessel’s needs… the shade!

In the van back to the villa, Erin embarrasses herself when she admits to not knowing what a WAP is. It is clear that Erin knows NOTHING about pop culture… AND she is the youngest one in the group!!

The next morning, Jessel and Ubah discuss how ridiculous Brynn can be at times. Ubah claims Brynn is like “too much salt or too much sugar,” and that was so perfectly put. After creating some content, Sai sits down for breakfast with Erin and Brynn.  Brynn’s apology from the night before has passed Erin’s bullsh*t test, and as the rest of the ladies plop down at the table, Jenna laments just how amazing they all look in their bathing suits.

Jenna becomes choked up until Brynn tries to make her smile by offering to show her boobs. A discussion ensues about nipples and the getting-to-know-you-of-Jenna-Judith-Lyons continues. Jenna shares that she was not really close with her grandmother, and Sai wonders if Jenna is the type of mother she is because of what she withstood as a kid.

Sai knows what it is like to try to be different and do better. She talks about her alcoholic mother, who she took care of until she couldn’t. Her mom was always in trouble and became an angry person. There is not a dry eye at the breakfast table. Sai explains how after her mom had a heart attack in a park by herself, she did her mother’s makeup in the hospital, called her entire family on FaceTime, and took her mom off of the machines so she could pass away peacefully. The bonding on this trip is real.

Later at the beach, Brynn and Erin decide they’re going to get Jessel drunk so she can send Pavit some pictures. It’s time that Jessel and Pavit reheat that flame that has so badly burnt out. The crew poses for sexy pictures while Jenna directs them for perfect shots. Jenna is used to watching from the sidelines…

After a frolicking beach sesh, we hear more about Brynn’s dating life. She explains she was husband hunting and would go on three dates a day to try and get wifed up. Ubah tries to talk Brynn into freezing her eggs, and Brynn explains how this place made her write down the name of someone to give her an embryo.

Erin thinks Brynn is full of it and calls her out for lying.  How could a professional place suggest calling somebody on the phone for an embryo? As soon as those two makeup, they are back on rocky grounds AGAIN.  Jenna and Erin believe that Brynn is an embellisher, but it seems like this Brynn/Erin back and forth is like a hamster wheel.

As they get ready for dinner, Brynn goes to see Sai and decides to sit dinner out, claiming to be “tired.” Brynn is hopeful that me-time will get her into a better mood. Brynn explains to Erin that she is going to be taking a time-out, and Erin feels bad for making Brynn upset earlier. It’s like deja vu watching them hug and makeup again, but this time, I truly feel like Erin is ready to really be friends with Brynn.