RHOC Recap: Tamra Tells Jenn She Ruined Her Family & Makes New Cheating Claims About Ryan, and Accuses Her of Wearing Fake Designers, Plus Heather Offends Emily, & Shannon Talks About Her Relationship as Vicki Returns

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RHOC Recap: Tamra Tells Jen She Ruined Her Family as She Alleges New Info About Ryan, and Accuses Her of Wearing Fake Designers, Plus Heather Offends Emily, & Shannon Talks About Her Relationship

Let’s be honest… what is a Real Housewives of Orange County trip to Mexico without Vicki?! Her surprise appearance reunites the three amigas, but not everyone in the group is thrilled. Heather is still at odds with Emily, and Vicki gives some unsolicited advice to Jenn about her relationship. Guess these ladies will never learn that once you meddle in a relationship, things go south. Just ask Tamra and Jenn…

Things are… awkward… after the Emily and Heather blowout. Heather can hardly stand being at the same table as the rest of the ladies, and she is beyond disappointed in the reaction (or lack thereof) about the sale of her house. She leaves the table and passes the gifts she was planning on giving to the ladies before they were all jerks…

Emily is annoyed that she was called a liar by Shannon, and now she is wondering why Shannon would do such a thing other than to get the heat off of her. Shannon claims she did not even see Heather at BravoCon, and so she wonders if it’s Heather’s goal to make her look bad. Everyone is blaming Heather for most things, but Heather refuses to take the bait. She has reached her capacity for this nonsense, and when Tamra comes to check on her, Heather lets her know she is done.

While Heather is away from the table, Shannon comes clean about her relationship with John. She spills that John just leaves, and her honesty is refreshing as she shows a real side of herself. Shannon explains that she likes to talk about relationships, whereas John is an avoider and simply goes home when there is an issue.

In the meantime, Jenn has found out some dirt about Tamra. Apparently, Tamra reached out to the “other woman” that Ryan was with during their break. According to Jenn, Tamra was looking for more information about the relationship. This sounds fishy… Tamra shares in a separate confessional that she has all these rage text messages from the girl Ryan slept with while he was on a break with Jenn claiming they were (are?) seeing each other way more than Jenn lets on. Interesting…

Heather realizes that this group doesn’t like her, and she is honestly okay with that. She is annoyed that she is constantly held to a different standard than the rest of the group, but she still distributes gifts to them all, even “a*shole Emily.”  Emily would prefer that Heather be a better friend than receive a gift from her, but alas, Heather is never gonna change.

The next morning, the ladies are hopeful they are going to have a good day. How cute is that? Heather touches base with Terry and talks about how disappointed she was in the ladies’ reaction to the sale of her house.

Emily takes a moment to apologize to Heather over breakfast, but Heather realizes that Emily is on an apology pattern as of late. Emily admits that she may even do it again to Heather. Gina lets Heather know she was insulted that Heather did not tell her about the sale of her home, but Heather is over it, and therefore, the conversation ends because what Heather says goes.

The group loads into the van and preps for the day of adventure. They get the world’s fastest ATV tutorial, and then they are off cruising to their destination: a 36-foot drop into the water. Emily is the first to jump in, and she winds up with a bloody nose, but you better believe her eyelashes are still in place. Gina, the one who fears the water, decides now would be a fabulous time to conquer her fear and jump in.

After surviving the daytime trauma, Tamra and Shannon are back at the villa getting ready for dinner. Tamra calls out Jenn for her fake designer duds, and the discussion is interrupted by a surprise visitor — everyone’s favorite Mexico good-time girl, Vicki. Get ready to whoop it up. And just like that, the three amigas are reunited again. Shannon is thrilled because the best trips she has are with Vicki and Tamra. They do their quick tres amigas dance, and they hope to shock the group with Vicki’s presence.

A few tequila drinks in, and the tres amigas make their grand entrance. The rest of the group doesn’t seem as excited, particularly Emily and Gina because Vicki has had no problem saying nasty things about them. Vicki hears about their daytime activities at the spa and the waterpark, and Emily brings up how Heather called her Snuffleupagus, which, in case you do not know, is a big, huge, furry muppet. Translation: NOT a compliment.

Post dinner, they get a private showing of Cirque du Soleil, which sounds great on paper but is kinda awkward to watch, and then an after-party ensues. A game of truth or dare begins, and Taylor must lick Emily’s nipples (round II). Vicki chooses truth, and because Jenn doesn’t know Vicki all that well, she tells Vicki perhaps someone else should ask Vicki a truth. Vicki speaks to Jenn like they are old pals, and she tells her she is like her because she also loves a man who may not be the right person for her. Ouch. That’s Vicki’s “truth.”

Jenn is absolutely perplexed why Vicki, whom she hardly knows, is inserting herself into her relationship. Jenn claims she has heard everything she needs to about Ryan unless someone knows more information… cue the camera zooming in on Tamra. Gina finds it fascinating that Jenn never reacts when someone calls her boyfriend a cheater. They wonder why Vicki would even talk about the relationship if she doesn’t even know his name.

Evidence of a hard night of partying is strewn about, and the ladies are hurting, but that’s not gonna stop them from rocking the dad bod one piece bathing suits. These bathing suits are equal parts amazing and terrifying. Taylor shares how Shannon got teary about her body and is refusing to be in a bathing suit since she has put on weight. Perhaps it is John’s influence commenting on her looks…

Shannon shows up donning the suit and talks about how she has yo-yoed with her weight. She explains that when she is not happy, you can see it on her body. The group does a fun water aerobics session, and Heather refuses to admit that calling Emily “Snuffleupagus” was a dig. Emily makes a point about interpretation with Heather, but it’s a moot point because Heather refuses to understand where Emily is coming from.

Gina takes a moment to check in with Jenn. Jenn wants to know where the Ryan stuff is coming from, and she realizes that Vicki knows something more than she is letting on. Tamra outs herself as the mutual friend who has been filling Vicki in, and Jenn becomes disgruntled. Jenn claims to not know the “other” girl, and Tamra ponders out loud if Jenn has ever talked to her. Jenn lets it be known that she has heard that Tamra reached out to the girl and was looking for dirt to make herself relevant.

Jenn is FINALLY talking about her relationship with Ryan, but then Tamra explains that this cheating while on a break was not a one-and-done hookup. No one can understand why Jenn would be protecting Ryan if she knew all about his shady cheating. Tamra claims she doesn’t want Jenn to get hurt, and Jenn makes it clear that it is just easier to stay quiet and hold everything in instead of letting loose. Tamra states, “You ruined your whole family” and tells Jenn she left for a player. Even Shannon is begging Tamra not to go there, but in true Tamra fashion, she stirs the pot just enough and then refuses to spill everything she knows.

At the end of the day, Jenn knows who Ryan is, yet she continues to choose him. Leave her alone because nothing is going to change. Jenn promises that she knows everything, and to that, Tamra retorts that Jenn has to start being honest, right down to her fake bags. Tamra continues to claim she is Jenn’s friend and that she is simply being honest. But there’s a difference between being honest and just being an a*shole…