AMEX Drops Lawsuit Against Brielle Biermann as She Says She Paid Mom Kim Zolciak’s Bills and Calls Kroy Biermann ‘World’s Best Dad’ in Birthday Tribute Amid Her Parents’ Divorce

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Brielle Biermann Says She Paid Mom Kim Zolciak’s Bills and Calls Kroy Biermann ‘World’s Best Dad’ in Birthday Tribute Amid Parents' Divorce

Brielle Biermann claimed she paid her mom Kim Zolciak’s bills amid the Don’t Be Tardy star’s financial woes with husband Kroy. And she might be right as she definitely paid off her AMEX bill.

If you recall, Brielle was recently sued by American Express over a claim that she owed  $12,870.25. According to a new report by Radar Online, AMEX dropped that lawsuit against Brielle on Wednesday, indicating she has paid off her debt.

Earlier this month, Kim stated that Brielle paid the family’s electric bill after a report surfaced that Kroy allegedly fell behind on the $2,000 payment, though some fans speculated that she was joking

As of now, it’s unclear whether Kim and Kroy are still together. According to Kim, the couple is working on their marriage and living together as husband and wife. Kroy’s attorney, however, denied her ‘reconciliation’ claims and indicated that Kroy is moving forward with the divorce.

In a comment shared by @byewighellodrama on Instagram, Brielle responded to a fan telling her to “pay your mom’s bills.”

“I did,” wrote the star simply.

Another fan added, “You really should stay up on those delinquent bills.”

The 26-year-old clapped back, “I did but y’all believe everything [you] read … too much to understand or pay attention to the positives.”

Image credit: @briellebiermann/Instagram via @byewighellodrama/Instagram

Around the same time, Brielle shared a birthday tribute to Kroy amid her parents’ marital drama.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLDS BEST DAD,” wrote Brielle on her Instagram Stories, via Radar, along with a past photo of herself and her father on what seemed to be the day of her prom.

Image credit: @briellebiermann/Instagram via Radar Online

Brielle also uploaded an image of herself with Kroy at a game for the Atlanta Braves.

“I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” wrote Brielle in the caption. “HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!”

Image credit: @briellebiermann/Instagram via Radar Online