Kroy Biermann Requests $3 Million Home Be Sold, Accuses Kim of ‘Financially Devastating’ Family and Claims She’s Using Purse Profits to Fund “Lavish Lifestyle”

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Kroy Biermann Requests $3M Home Be Sold as Foreclosure Looms, Accuses Kim of "Financial [Devastating]" Family as She Uses Purse Profits to Fund "Lavish Lifestyle"

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Kroy Biermann wants the $3 million Georgia home he shares with Kim Zolciak sold immediately.

In new court documents, which come just days after the 37-year-old ex-NFL player filed for divorce for a second time, he’s asking to sell the property as he accuses the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 45, of living large on the money she’s made selling her wigs and purses as he struggles to pay the bills for their home.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online on August 31, Kroy is requesting an emergency as he hopes to unload their mansion as he and Kim face foreclosure for the second time this year.

While Kroy was able to pay his and Kim’s May and June mortgage payments on time after selling his own designer duds and other items, “despite the financial devastation [Kim] wrought upon the family,” he fell behind in July.

“He begged [Kim] to sell some of her purses to help make the payments but, she refused, stating the purses were ‘hers,’ and she was not going to sell them,” his documents claimed. “Ironically, she has been selling purses, hers and her daughters’ and other high-end fashion items including her infamous wigs. However, none of the funds garnered from the sale of these items have gone towards the mortgage, or any other bills.”

“Whatever money she does win, borrow, or earn from the sale of her purses, is funneled right back into maintaining her persona of a glamorous woman living a lavish lifestyle,” his lawyer added.

In addition to being unable to make the July payment for his and Kim’s home, Kroy fell behind on a $2,000 electric bill amid their mounting debt, which includes a $156,000 lawsuit, a number of other suits from the likes of BMW, American Express, and others, and a $1.1 million debt to the IRS.

Kim “fails to take accountability” for their financial situation, which Kroy said “is dire and will soon dramatically affect the well-being of the four minor children,” including Kroy “KJ” Jr., 12, Kash, 11, and twins Kaia and Kane, 9.

As Kroy explained in his court documents, the environment of their home has become “toxic” in recent weeks due to his ongoing disputes with Kim. And because of that, he feels that selling their home and getting their own places would restore “the children’s home-life to some level of normalcy.”

Following the potential sale, Kroy has requested the profit made “be placed in escrow.”

“He is asking that the court order the house to be placed on the market, and hopefully sold immediately,” Kroy’s lawyer, Marlys A. Bergstrom, said in a statement to Us Weekly on August 31. “If the court orders it then the court can enforce the order. It is taking control out of the hands of the parties. And this is exactly what needs to be done at this point.”

As RHOA fans will recall, Kim and Kroy were first faced with foreclosure proceedings in February. But in the following month, as the mansion was nearly auctioned off, they were able to “avoid foreclosure” by reaching an agreement with Truist.

As part of the agreement, the now-estranged couple was required to make their mortgage payments on time for three months straight. And if they are able to do so, the past due amount would be tacked on to the back of their loan and they’d be free and clear of a foreclosure.