Bethenny Frankel is Slammed as “Deranged” for Donating Used Makeup to TJ Maxx Employee as She Calls Her Endeavor a “Giveaway”

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Bethenny Frankel Slammed for Donating Her “Leftover Makeup” to a TJ Maxx Employee, Calls Endeavor a “Giveaway” as Employee Shares She’ll Get in Trouble for Accepting Gifts, and Fans Call Star's Behavior “Deranged”

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Bethenny Frankel was slammed for giving her “leftover makeup” to a TJ Maxx employee, calling the endeavor a “giveaway,” as the employee told Bethenny that she couldn’t accept gifts and would get in trouble with her employer.

Some fans described the Real Housewives of New York star’s behavior as “deranged,” and they accused her of wanting to seem like an “amazing person.”

In a TikTok video shared by @ivonnecruz2525, via @loveandyc on Twitter, Bethenny filmed herself giving “leftover makeup” to a TJ Maxx employee because the staff there are “so nice” and are “always complimenting” her on what she buys.

She called the charitable endeavor a “giveaway,” and she claimed the makeup was “brand new,” even though the products were already opened, and she seemingly tried on the products at least once.

At one point in the video, however, she appeared to shade one of the store’s purses, saying the price “seems high” to her. She also showed the basket of ‘gifts’ — some of which appeared to be in a Ziplock baggie.

Later on, Bethenny introduced her “friend” Consuela – though Bethenny didn’t know her name. After bestowing the gift upon the employee, Consuela told Bethenny she’d “get in trouble” for it because the store has a policy against accepting gifts.

“I’ll talk to corporate. You’re not gonna get in trouble,” replied Bethenny, handing the “goodies” over. “I’m gonna message TJ Maxx on the Instagram and they’re gonna make an exception.”

In the last shot of the employee, Consuela looked visibly concerned.

After the video, Twitter user @michcoll commented that Bethenny’s behavior is “deranged,” and the influencer who initially shared the video questioned whether Conseula even knew she was going to be filmed.

“The entitlement of that woman,” said the user, referring to Bethenny. “[It’s like] ‘look at me, I’m such a nice human being. I’m bringing you used, barely used, makeup that’s been opened up.’ No one wants [your] used makeup, lady.”