RHONY Recap: Erin and Ubah Fight Over Phone Prank, Jessel Clashes With Erin & Sai For Questioning Her Upbringing, Plus Brynn Tells Jenna She Has a Crush on Her

by Julia Comments

RHONY Recap: Erin and Ubah Fight Over Phone, Jessel Clashes With Erin & Sai For Questioning Her Upbringing, Plus Brynn Tells Jenna She Has a Crush on Her

A girls’ trip always has highs and lows, laughs and fights, and that’s exactly how it went down on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Jessel is still trying to prove herself to some of the ladies, and a prank on Ubah seems to get carried away, causing things to escalate with Erin. Luckily, a newfound (love) friendship has formed between Jenna and Brynn, which helps break up some of the tension within the group.

It’s day three of the Anguilla trip, and Brynn is feeling refreshed after her self-imposed time-out the night before. Erin shares with Brynn what she missed at dinner, and most of the details revolve around Jessel. Apparently, Jessel is trying too hard to make HER story match the other women’s stories, but it’s just not working. For instance, Jessel adamantly denies her parents helping her financially.

Jessel talks about “struggling” while living with her uncle in New York City, and Sai puts her in her place by reminding her she was homeless and overdrafted on the regular. Erin points out that Sai and Jessel are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, which may lead to some future friction.

Over breakfast, the ladies sit around, and Ubah outs her roommate, Jessel, for snoring. Ubah went as far as recording Jessel while she slept. Even after hearing the recording, Jessel refuses to believe that she snores and blames it on congestion. *Heavy breathing,* or something like that…

The group preps for their boat day thanks to Sai and her impeccable planning. Everyone appears to be in a great mood. The water activities ensue, and even Jenna gets in on the action in her full-coverage wetsuit. Brynn, Jessel, and Ubah stay on board, and Jessel tells Brynn that Sai and Erin came at her the night before. It seems like Erin thinks Jessel is lying about her upbringing, and Ubah feels like whatever Jessel says is never enough for Erin. Jessel states that if she came from wealth, she would certainly share it!

Side note: Let’s talk about Brynn telling Jenna she has a crush on her. Brynn even fantasizes about made-up future wedding invites with Jenna! Just know she would absolutely have to sign a prenup, no doubt!

Jessel begins to drive the boat and acts as a “pilot,” her words, not mine, and Brynn tells the ladies that Jessel feels attacked. When she returns to the group, Sai questions, “You told Brynn that we were going at you?” Sai comes in hot and tells Jessel that her answers are never simple, and the math is not mathing. Ubah cannot figure out why these girls continue to question Jessel — it’s like she can’t win with them.

Jessel denies comparing herself to the others, and she calls Erin the Queen of Assumption. She even goes as far as saying that it looks like Erin is projecting her well-to-do upbringing on her. Sai loses it and tells Jessel that she is never direct and raises her voice about the whole situation. For a lady who “doesn’t care,” Sai, you certainly seem like you care by the way you are shrieking on this boat.

Later, Erin jokes with Ubah about retaliation. You see, the other day, Ubah pushed Erin into the pool, and so now, it’s game on. It’s only a matter of time before Erin gets Ubah back…

Over dinner, Brynn gives sex advice and causes quite a few restaurant attendees to turn their heads… and then the fun continues as they share their most embarrassing stories. It’s nice to see them all genuinely laughing with/at each other, and it’s also nice to hear that they, too, have made fools of themselves.

Brynn’s embarrassing story involves a tampon in her butt when she was 12. Yup. Jessel sets the scene: It’s spring break in Cancun. Jessel winds up topless in the middle of da club and is still mortified to this day. Jenna has a similar story to Jessel’s because she also fell, and she was helped up by Ralph Fiennes of The English Patient. Sai casually mentions she sh*t herself during a track meet in high school, and Ubah had toilet paper stuck to her after using a bathroom. Erin’s embarrassing story is that her kid wouldn’t stop crying on the plane. Um, snooze fest. Welcome to being a mom, Erin.

Once back at the villa, the ladies pile out of the car and head back inside. Ubah left her phone in the car, but luckily Erin grabbed it for her… This also plants the seed for a new prank on Ubah. Erin plans to hold onto the phone as retaliation for the pool pushing.

While the ladies go for a late-night dip, Ubah dances around Erin in fear of getting thrown in the pool, but it’s not Erin that pushes Ubah — it’s Sai out of left field who gives her the shove. Erin makes it clear that she is not even with Ubah now since SHE was not the one who got Ubah into the pool. Luckily, Erin is still holding Ubah’s phone, and that can be prank plan B.

The next morning, Ubah lets the world know that she is not happy with Erin. We learn that around one a.m., Jessel and Ubah were on the hunt for her lost phone, and when Sai heard them, she pointed them in the direction of Erin. Sai knew all along that Erin was housing the phone. and therefore, Sai is now on Ubah’s sh*t list too.

Sai lets Erin know that Ubah is super mad at her. Ubah makes a good point — it’s not like they are close to home and she could run and get another phone if her phone had been truly lost. Ubah is grateful for Jessel because she helped her find the phone, but Erin refuses to recognize how this could rock someone’s world. Erin states she had Ubah’s phone for only 45 minutes (later she says one hour…), so Ubah should relax.

Ubah storms in during breakfast, and she ignores Sai and Erin sitting at the table and gives Brynn a smooch, clearly making a point. Erin claims this behavior seems “mean,” and she was just playing a joke on Ubah. Jessel sits down, representing Ubah, and she tries to figure out Erin’s prank and why she, as a mother herself, would think this is funny.

Brynn delivers her “wifey” Jenna some breakfast to break up some of the awkward tension courtesy of phone-gate. Erin makes it clear she is annoyed by Ubah and reminds us all that Ubah threw HER in the pool first so Ubah deserved a prank back. Does the punishment from Ubah match the phone crime? Sometimes it’s a fine line between funny and mean-spirited.

As the ladies gather for their outing, Ubah continues to ignore Erin and Erin claims to be “scared.” Erin doesn’t like Ubah saying her name when she is not around, and she enters the room hot. Ubah proceeds to get into Erin’s face, and Erin repeatedly tells Ubah to get away from her. In the heat of the moment, Ubah rips Erin’s sunglasses off of her face and continues to yell at her about the phone. The episode ends in limbo, and we are hit with a “to be continued…”