RHOC Recap: Heather Threatens to Quit Show After She’s Confronted Over Loser Diss as Emily Suggests She Has Superiority Complex and Shannon Calls Her Calculated, Plus Jenn and Tamra Make Amends

by Julia Comments

RHOC Recap: Tamra Continues Pushing Jenn to Question Her Relationships; Heather Threatens to Leave the Show After Feeling Constantly Attacked By The Group

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra admits that perhaps her sh*t stirring and meddling in Jenn and Ryan’s relationship might have gone a bit too far. Heather is tired of everyone ganging up on her and is feeling alienated, leaving her no choice but to threaten to leave Mexico… and the show.

Tamra swears she is just being an honest friend to Jenn. No one thinks that Ryan is the best fit for Jenn, but who has the right to say so…? Jenn gets up from the table, and Taylor goes with her. They call Ryan, who doesn’t do much to calm Jenn down or solidify their relationship. Typical. Jenn repeats that she is tired of it all and she threatens Ryan to come clean about EVERYTHING. Jenn’s head is spinning, causing her to question and doubt her relationship. Was it a one-night thing when Ryan cheated on her or a one-year thing like Tamra insinuated?

Later, the ladies split up to go parasailing or swim with turtles. Heather, Taylor, Vicki, and Jenn pile into one car, and Jenn is happy to be apart from Tamra after their heated exchanges. Tamra is with Gina, Emily, and Shannon, and they begin discussing Heather.

Emily is still holding a grudge against Heather because of the Snuffleupagus comment and then some. The issue is that when Emily pokes fun at Heather, she shuts down, yet when Heather says something potentially hurtful to others, she brushes it off as a joke. Gina claims that Heather is sensitive from her childhood because her mother puts her down, and she stands up for Heather because she truly believes that Heather never means to offend anyone.

In the meantime, Shannon is still trying to get to the bottom of the BravoCon rumor. Why would Heather tell Emily that Shannon said bad things about her? Shannon cannot figure out the negativity toward her by Heather…

I am curious why Gina decided to do the snorkeling adventure considering she is deathly afraid of the water. (Side note: Watching Shannon take shots of tequila out of her snorkel hasn’t aged well considering her new DUI…) Tamra mentions that the turtles are calming to the soul, whereas the parasailing crew is doing their damnedest to talk Vicki off the ledge. Vicki shrieks and hollers while up in the air, and naturally, Vicki vomits once she comes back on the boat, but not before she discusses happy endings for a massage, leaving the ladies shocked.

Later that night, the ladies regroup and head to dinner. They all laugh about Vicki’s happy ending leg signal, but the mood changes when Shannon wonders out loud how Jenn has been holding up. Vicki butts in and says, “Ryan’s the dirty one. You’ve got five kids; you should have made the marriage work.” Gina jumps on Vicki and tells her she can’t come in hot when she doesn’t know the history. Vicki tells Gina to stay out of it, but Gina won’t let up, basically insinuating that Vicki is just a ‘friend of,’ so she should shut her trap.

Vicki talks about leaving her husband for a “loser,” and she explains how she got burned. Jenn says that she mourns the loss of her marriage, and Shannon can understand where Jenn is coming from. The dinner ends quickly since the group is tired of boozing and mentally preparing for their final day in Mexico.

Jenn has decided to end this trip on a high note… and that means seeing a shaman. She does some yoga with Taylor while Shannon finally gets a toothbrush after going without for five days. Gross.

Half the group is seeing the shaman, and the other half of the group has decided to go shopping. We learn that Heather is now following Emily on social media again, which is a reason to celebrate. Heather states that she unfollowed the girls because of being off the show and her FOMO, but Emily feels like it’s more personal than that.

Heather claims that the ladies twist all the things she does and says. She feels like a punching bag on this trip, and she is just ready to go home. While shopping, Heather’s cries get picked up from her mic, and she says how much she hates “them.”

Jenn drags Vicki, Shannon, and Tamra along to the shaman, which is quite the group considering half of them do not even know what a shaman is. The shaman discusses the importance of purpose and has each person share theirs. Shannon’s purpose is to have an open heart, and Vicki needs acceptance and to receive love. Tamra wants trust and to come from a place of love. Jenn wants clarity, happiness, and peace. The shaman talks about love and has shown them it’s time to dig deeper. The session ends with a genuine hug and apology from Tamra to Jenn. Is it legit? Can Jenn trust and believe Tamra THIS time?

Retail therapy can’t even shake Heather’s feelings toward the group. She is having a hard time bouncing back, and when Taylor comes to check on her, Heather opens up. Heather explains how she doesn’t feel like she fits in, and Taylor states that perhaps the ladies feel inferior to her. Heather gets upset and wants to go home in the worst way, and Taylor can see how the group continuously goes after Heather.

The ladies reunite at a restaurant where Shannon makes a dramatic play of getting to the table. After much ado, they move inside because of the heat, and they share about the shaman, who has evidently fixed the rift between Tamra and Jenn. Emily makes a good point — she is done with hearing about Ryan because he doesn’t define Jenn. It’s time to learn more about Jenn. While on the topic of relationships, Vicki claims that she would marry her boyfriend, but she plans to move slowly. Heather jumps in to say this is the first time she has heard Vicki say she can’t give 100%, and this reminds Tamra of something Heather says (aka something to pick on Heather about).

Apparently, Heather said that Shannon is not all in on her relationship with John, and of course, this rubs Shannon the wrong way.  Heather is tired of being picked on for her words, and when Tamra continues to push, Heather comes out with the truth. It wasn’t Shannon talking smack about Gina and Emily at BravoCon. It was TAMRA.

Because she is trying to deflect, Tamra claims that Heather called Gina and Emily “f*cking losers,” and she was simply mocking Heather when she said that. The shouting gets louder, and this makes Vicki want to leave since “it’s not who” she is. LOL. Tamra shrieks about this loser comment, but Heather states that she was calling Noella and Jenn (from last season) losers. Gina is hurt because she feels like she is always sticking up for Heather, but Heather has a different perspective. She reminds Gina that because she is yelling at her right now, she is, in fact, not a good friend at all. Heather has had enough and feels like no one has her back in the group.

BTW, it’s funny that Gina instantly believes Tamra, the same person Gina was warning Heather about. Heather says she is done with the show and is tired of being the scapegoat. Gina and Tamra talk about how they thought Heather truly liked them, and Gina questions her friendship with Heather. They talk about Heather’s superiority complex and call her a “little bit calculated.”

Four hours later, Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra are still out partying. Shannon admits that the trip has been dramatic, but it makes it better being with her tres amigas. Tamra finds Heather’s behavior shocking and realizes that when Heather is up against the wall, she will do whatever she can to get the target off her back. Hello, pot… meet kettle!