RHONY Recap: Erin Has a Meltdown After She’s Called Out For Her Lack of Accountability as Ubah Calls Her a Liar and S**t Stirrer, Plus Jessel Reveals Hit List of Mean Words and Actions

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RHONY Recap: Erin Has a Meltdown After She’s Called Out For Her Lack of Accountability as Ubah Calls Her a Liar and S**t Stirrier, Plus Jessel Reveals Hit List of Mean Words and Actions

It’s far from over between Ubah and Erin on this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. A prank gone wrong leads to the group airing grievances they all have with Erin, thus leaving Erin feeling attacked and ganged up on. At least we know Jessel is keeping good notes on this fight as it is revealed she keeps a running list on her phone, documenting actions that affect her negatively. Okay, “Al Capone…”

“Ubah, get away from me right now!” The case of the phone/sunglasses continues between Ubah and Erin. Ubah is all up in Erin’s face, and it’s all because Erin decided to prank Ubah by secretly holding onto her phone. Ubah has decided to keep Erin’s sunglasses hostage for 45 minutes, the same amount of time Erin had Ubah’s phone in secret. Things are… awkward, to say the least, so to try and turn this party around, they are off to a rum tasting.

When Jenna tries to get Erin’s shades back, Ubah asks Jenna to set an alarm for 45 minutes. Ubah is taking this to the next level. She is furious that Erin still thinks the phone prank was funny because being without her phone is scary. Ubah is, after all, a “single girl in the world,” and so she must have her phone to check in with her family. Ubah is fed up with Erin’s antics and the fact that Erin abuses the ladies, particularly Brynn.

Speaking of Brynn, Jenna is still contemplating the story Brynn shared the night before. I mean, how could Brynn put a tampon in the wrong hole as a teenager?!

They arrive at the rum tasting, in the rain, and they meet the beach bar owner, Elvis. He serves them all (except Jessel, because apparently, she is forgettable) his alcoholic concoctions, and he allows Sai to relive her 20s behind the bar. Even Sai manages to bypass Jessel, just like the bartender.

Ubah’s alarm goes off to alert the return of Erin’s sunglasses after a long 45 minutes, and Erin suggests that next time Ubah simply talks to her like a normal friend. Erin likens Ubah to a kid grabbing the sunglasses off of her face, and Ubah goes off. She begins pointing out every shady or wrong thing Erin has ever done, including calling Brynn a social climber. To that, Brynn retorts, “I don’t have to climb, I took the elevator. Straight to the top, I didn’t even have to ask.”

In typical Erin fashion, she excuses herself when she can’t take the heat and heads to the other side of the bar with Jenna. Ubah continues her Erin bashing and claims that Erin comes in like “fireballs.” Ubah is hitting low, especially when she calls Erin’s sunglasses Canal Street brand. Jenna and Erin watch from afar as the group limbos and continues to have a good time, much to Erin’s chagrin. Erin is disgusted that no one in the group has checked in on her — besides Jenna, of course.

As they are leaving the bar, Jenna shares that one of the guests thought Brynn was her daughter (LOL), and they drive on over to grab some food. Sai hopes to resolve some of the issues between Ubah and Erin, but it seems like the ladies are catching onto Erin’s moves. The mood has changed, and Ubah is still continuing to rant. Erin calls a car and leaves lunch, but not before asking Sai to stop the conversations about her.

Jenna shares that she, too, has seen Ubah’s negative, nasty side when they first started filming. Jenna had Ubah to her house, and Ubah showed up sans hair and makeup. And when she saw the cameras there, Ubah was less than pleased. Ubah is trying to explain herself to the remaining ladies at lunch, and she states that she is over the angry Black woman narrative, but she feels like Erin deserved it. She doesn’t appreciate Sai jumping in to fight Erin’s fight, but Sai is trying her best to change the subject.

Brynn shares that she pre-med until her junior year when she failed organic chem and took up PR. Brynn explains that her grandma raised her since she was two years old and that she was her everything. She taught Brynn to live her life, and the ladies remind Brynn that they are all there for her.

Back at the villa, Erin calls her father to cry/vent about her current situation with Ubah. She tells her dad that Ubah stood up over her and snatched her sunglasses off her face, and he advises her to allow Ubah to do the talking and for Erin to continue being strong. Erin feels like she is back in seventh grade, getting made fun of and being called Long Jaw Silver.

Over lunch, a boarding school conversation ensues, and we learn that Jenna did not send her son to private school. She admits that she has a “warped sense of money,” but she is trying her hardest not to spoil him. Jenna explains that at the height of J.Crew, she felt very uncomfortable and unattractive. Jenna feels more in her body these days and has stopped trying to be something for other people.

Eventually, Ubah apologizes to the ladies for the Erin fight, and Brynn suggests that perhaps it’s just the way Ubah addresses the situation. On the way back to the villa, Brynn lets Jessel know that Erin talks “mad sh*t” about her… that she paints Jessel out to be the “dumb of the group.” Jessel explains that she has a checklist on her phone and writes down any nasty things Erin has ever said to her. “The list is longer than a CVS receipt,” and Brynn likens her to “Al Capone.” Brynn is doing a superb job egging Jessel on, and we can thank those rum drinks for her sauciness.

Once home, Erin grabs Ubah right away to try and smooth things over. Erin explains that she loves Ubah and so is extremely hurt by her actions. Erin tries to call her phone prank light-hearted and claims that Ubah’s actions did not fit the crime. Erin refuses to let Ubah talk to her condescendingly, and as Ubah and Erin go at it, Brynn finds this hilarious, especially when Ubah loses her phone mid-fight with Erin. Ubah calls the conversation DONE, and Erin claims that she is going to “drop-kick” Ubah into the pool.

Ubah is doing a fine job of firing everyone up against Erin. Brynn suddenly remembers she is mad at Erin for accusing her of flirting with her husband, and she feels like Erin was never held accountable for essentially calling Brynn a slut. Brynn is also p*ssed that Erin called her a social climber. Erin feels like Ubah is riling all the ladies up, and even Sai realizes that this is becoming an ambush. Erin loses it and tells Ubah to shut up and calls her a “b*tch.” Looks like Long Jaw Silver is getting it now…

Ubah tells Erin that everyone is mad at her, and Sai admits that Erin tends to “start a lot of sh*t.” Jenna is the smartest one for staying busy throughout this fight, hiding away from the ridiculousness. Erin claims that Ubah is abusing her and begins to break down. She cries and they all decide that enough is enough… but maybe next time, Erin will hold herself accountable.

A final last-ditch effort to make things better between Erin and Ubah begins. Ubah states that she loves Erin, and Erin says that she is scared to be friends with Ubah. Ubah takes back all of the names she has called Erin, but she reminds Erin that she does talk a lot of sh*t. The apologies flow, and it is long overdue. Even the household staff is looking over with relief.

It’s the final night, and so Brynn is in it to win it with Jenna. She attempts to seduce Jenna before dinner (unsuccessfully I might add), and then Erin talks with Jenna. They connect over feeling ganged up on — remember how Jenna was the target the first night of the trip?

While waiting for Ubah and Jessel, Sai shares Jessel’s note-taking on her phone, and Erin is shocked but laughs it off. Brynn is wasted and forgets about Jessel, who rolls up to dinner looking like an Easter basket. They play a game of favorite outfits and laugh, yes LAUGH, over dinner. The trip ends on a happy note, thankfully… just pray no one is trying to prank anyone.