Is Tom Sandoval on Masked Singer? Plus Source Addresses Claim That He’s Banned From Schwartz & Sandy’s By Co-Owner

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Is Tom Sandoval on Masked Singer? Plus Source Claims Schwartz & Sandy’s Co-Owner Greg Allegedly “Banned” Him from Bar, Refused to Sign Contract for Filming, and Bethenny Frankel Reached Out

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A source claimed Tom Sandoval – the controversial Vanderpump Rules star who had an affair with another castmate while in a relationship with Ariana Madix – was recently on The Masked Singer before getting eliminated.

Another insider clarified the claim that Tom was “banned” from Schwartz & Sandy’s by the bar’s co-owner Greg Morris, who allegedly refused to sign a contract to film for season 11, and he was approached by Bethenny Frankel, assumedly to be interviewed for her podcast.

In a teaser for The Masked Singer, shared by @bravobygays on Instagram, a singer dressed as a scuba diver hinted he’s normally “pumped” – seemingly a reference to Pump Rules – but lately has been “lost in the abyss.” He then declared that he’s perhaps “the most hated creature” in the ocean.

In another “clue,” the diver stated: “Usually you can find me under the sea, but for this clue,  you’ll have to look to the sky.” He then unveiled the image of a cardinal.

Fans believe this is a reference to the St. Louis Cardinals, the baseball team located in Tom’s hometown, where the star was recently staying, according to reports.

To make matters worse, a source told the fan account, “Someone I knew was at the taping of the episode [on The Masked Singer] where [Tom] got eliminated and they revealed him.”

Meanwhile, another source speaking to @deuxmoi, via @bravobreakingnews on Instagram, alleged Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner Greg was spilling tea about the latest drama.

“He has banned Sandoval from the bar,” alleged the source, who was recently at the bar. “He read us the contract he refused to sign for filming, even tho Lisa [Vanderpump] reached out to him asking him to for this season. AND Bethany has reached out to him.”

However, these claims appear to be false as another source close to the situation is denying Tom was banned from the bar, telling Radar Online he is allowed in the restaurant, and business is going on as usual.