RHONY Recap: Sai Slams Jessel After Awkward Lunch, Erin Talks Swinging, Plus Jessel Calls Erin & Sai “Vultures” and Finally Has Sex With Pavit

by Julia Comments

RHONY Recap: Jessel Preps for a Staycation with Pavitt Hoping to Rekindle Their Flame While Erin Shares Should Would be Interested in Swinging; Plus, Jessel Calls Said and Erin "Vultures" and Struggles to Open Up About her Family

The ladies are back in New York for this episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Love is (finally) in the air for Jessel and her husband as they prep for a staycation, and Brynn does her best to bring love back into Jenna‘s life after her breakup. Not everything is rosy for the ladies, though. Sai and Jessel can’t quite get back on track after the Anguilla trip, but Ubah hopes that her healing event might be the answer to their issues…

Jessel and her husband, Pavit, sit down to have some alone time… and talk about their kids. Pavit was by himself with the twins, without a nanny (GASP), while Jessel was away with the ladies. Jessel makes it clear that she wouldn’t call the trip a vacation because it was a lot. She is perturbed by Erin continuously calling her privileged, and Jessel makes it clear that she is not trying to compare her story with any of the others, particularly Sai. Jessel feels like she needs to smooth things over with Sai after the way they left off.

In other news, Pavit shares that he has planned a staycation with Jessel. Everything is set up, and that’s one step in the romantic direction… and we all know they need to rekindle that flame.

Jenna meets up with Brynn, and we learn this is certainly not Brynn’s first time at a gay bar. She is acting as Jenna’s wingwoman. Considering Brynn is the best flirt around, she is a good sidekick to help Jenna get her groove back. Brynn does a fabulous job charming the ladies at the bar, and Jenna, well, Jenna flounders trying to converse with anyone. Jenna manages to snag a number all thanks to Brynn. Jenna feels like perhaps she should remind Brynn that she has been around the block a few times. I mean, the lady goes on to do some sexy dancing on stage and snags some dollar bills while she is at it.

It’s double-date time. Sai and her husband, David, meet up with Erin and the infamous “Abe the babe.” Sai says something that really resonates with couples around the world: it’s hard to have couple friends. And so, it’s nice that the husbands enjoy each other as much as Erin and Sai do.

Erin asks the husbands what they would do if their wives did not have sex with them for a year-and-a-half, much like Jessel with Pavit. Without hesitation, Abe makes it clear that he would be “f*cking other women.” David believes that the relationship would likely be over, and Sai is proud of his answer.

Erin begins talking about how, in perhaps about 10 years, they might be open to swinging. Erin would rather sleep with other men than have a threesome, and she goes back and forth with Abe about the details. It is blowing Sai’s mind, but Erin lets us know that she would sleep with a gay man if it meant keeping sex in her life.

Brynn is a new rare book collector (never even knew this was such a thing), and these books go for thousands of dollars! While in the store, she takes a call from her brother, and they talk about her Mimi’s upcoming birthday. Mimi has passed away, and so Brynn shares that she is going to meet with an arborist and plant a tree in Central Park in memory of her. Brynn gets emotional talking about her Mimi because she was the one who raised her.

Ubah is ready for the ladies to heal, and so she has planned this event after the dramatics in Anguilla. Brynn cannot attend the event because she has COVID, and she is leaving the rest of the group to heal and fend for themselves. The ladies each set some intentions about truth, patience, and love. Jenna admits that this session is very calming, but Sai is not as into it. Ubah cries while the healer talks about her mother, and it is a rare instance to see her this vulnerable.

Sai is only happy when the food arrives (surprise!), and Jessel asks Sai to go to lunch later in the week to figure things out. Jessel shares that she is going on a staycation with Pavit, and she is coming prepared to be sure they are going to have sex. She’s setting those expectations high.

Sai and her daughter, aka Sai’s mini-me, settle in for some sweets and girl talk. Sai’s daughter is a triple threat. She sings, acts, and dances, and so she has been asking Sai for an agent. It’s a far cry from where Sai came from. Sai admits that perhaps she is living vicariously through her kids, but she is thrilled to provide them with all the things she never had.

Pavit is really pulling out all the stops for this staycation, as he pours some champagne for Jessel while she packs for the night. Brynn has helped Jessel pick out some lingerie to try and tantalize her husband, but he is more concerned about having dessert before being sexed. They joke once Jessel tries on the lingerie, but we are all rooting for those two to reconnect.

Ubah settles into a bubble bath with some chocolates. To add to the mood, she talks with Brynn via FaceTime, and Ubah fills her in on what she missed at the healing event. Ubah is so happy that she was able to bring the ladies together, and they joke about Jessel’s staycation. Brynn suggests that maybe they should dress up in matching maid costumes so they can spy on Pavit and Jessel, but Ubah reminds Brynn that she has COVID, and if she were to leave her apartment, Ubah would call the health department on her. LOL.

Sai loses patience while she waits and waits for a very late Jessel. In case you forgot, Jessel was the one who invited Sai to lunch, and now she is the one who is 41 minutes late. Jessel comes in full of apologies and shares that she is no longer a born-again virgin.  It’s been a year-and-a-half, and since Jessel shared little detail, Sai is questioning if *it* even happened.

Jessel talks about Pavit going to Vietnam… for miles… and there are just so many questions about this whole situation that Sai is having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Jessel tries to let Sai know she was never comparing her story to Sai’s and to that, Sai retorts that she doesn’t care. Jessel is trying to explain herself, and Sai lets Jessel know that this could have been a phone call. Ouch. Sai admits that she can be abrasive, but she blames it on curiosity because she genuinely wants to know who Jessel is. Sai reminds Jessel she wants straightforwardness and that perhaps she should start owning her stuff.

Jessel explains that Sai’s story about her mother reminded her of something personal in her life. Jessel’s uncle, the one she was living with, was an alcoholic who passed away. Jessel blames herself every day because she thought she could have helped him. Sai thinks this is a bit dramatic because this story is like comparing apples and oranges to Sai’s mother. Jessel states that she doesn’t come from a family that openly talks about things, and she calls Erin and Sai vultures who constantly tear her apart. Sai reiterates that their stories are completely different, and after waiting 41 minutes for Jessel, she is tired of Jessel’s constant comparisons… which Jessel swears she doesn’t do. Sai exits the restaurant, leaving Jessel with the bill and their issues still on the table.