Morgan Wade’s Ex Kady Cannon on if Kyle Richards & Morgan’s Relationship is PR Stunt, What Morgan Told Her About Kyle, and Being “Hurt” by Their Matching Rings & Tattoos, Plus Why She & Morgan Split

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Morgan Wade's Ex Suggests She Left Her for Married Woman Amid Kyle Richards Rumors, Cries in March After RHOBH Star Attends Singer's L.A. Show

Kady Cannon – the Temptation Island star and alleged ex of Morgan Wade – opened up about her relationship with the country singer, shared how Morgan and Kyle Richards met, and addressed if she believes the new relationship is a PR stunt.

Amid the speculation about Morgan’s friendship with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, one theory is that the romance rumors (which coincided with Kyle’s separation from husband Mauricio Umansky) are all a publicity stunt.

Speaking on the Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast, Kady shared how she met Morgan.

“Her music really spoke to me so I looked her up on Instagram and … I messaged her because she was coming to Dallas or coming to Fort Worth,” said Kady. “I was like, oh my gosh, I am such a big fan. I see they’re coming, you know and I was really, like, just wanting to meet her in general, thinking, like, I don’t know, it was a long shot but I thought, hey, I’d reach out, and then that’s how we met.”

Kady claimed Morgan later told her, “‘The only reason why I answered your DM is because you had a blue check mark and you had X amount of followers.’ And she thought I was hot … I’m sure she was half-joking, but I’m sure, you know, it’s [still] a half-joke, right?”

According to Kady, they dated for “a rocky eight months,” and their relationship was “private” but not a “secret.”

Addressing the reason for their split, Kady said, “I was not getting what I needed out of that relationship. I had to make a really hard decision to put myself first, and to love myself and know that I was worth more than what I was being given. It was really hard … I thought I was going to marry this person.”

She also shared how Morgan first told her about Kyle.

“She asked if I knew who she was. I told her I did. She was kind of tied in with, like, a little friend group that they had with Teddi [Mellencamp] and another lady,” said Kady. “They had, like, a group chat with Wordle … That is kind of like how that friendship started based on what I know. Based on the information that I was told.”

Kady went on to say, “I also don’t know the full truth. I found out a lot of things after … Morgan and I broke up. So I don’t know, I’m not convinced that I was privy to the truth because there’s been a lot of information that I have found out after the fact. So, like I said, based on the information that I had, it was just a casual, like, Wordle group.”

She hinted at “untruthfulness” in the relationship, claiming certain things weren’t “adding up.” Later in the podcast, Kady said it “hurt a lot” to see Kyle and Morgan’s “matching rings and matching tattoos,” as this showed “how close they are,” whether or not the relationship is romantic.

Kady also suggested that Kyle’s fame plays a part in their relationship. “I mean, Kyle has a certain level of fame and notoriety and following, and to say that doesn’t play a part would be incorrect. So I think, in my mind, it made more sense for Morgan to bring Kyle to something like that rather than somebody like me,” Kady expressed.

She doesn’t believe, however, that the relationship between Kyle and Morgan is a “PR stunt.”

“They seem pretty genuine,” said Kady. “I don’t think that anything is for PR. That is a narrative that I’ve heard … [but] I think that their relationship is authentic. I do. That’s my opinion. I know Morgan. I know Morgan well. I don’t know Kyle at all, but based on me knowing Morgan, I would say that it’s authentic.”

Kady also went on to discuss her experience with appearing on Temptation Island.

“I watched reality TV, I obviously had never been on one, and I never knew anybody who had been on one… I honestly thought, like, okay, the casting producers come in and they really just win you over, and that’s their job. You know, there, everything’s gonna be fine. Everything’s gonna be great. It’s a breeze,” shared Kady. “I thought, like, oh, this will be fun. I got this, like, hello, where, you know, you’re, you’re in real life, temptation every day, meaning you’re around the opposite sex all day, every day. Like, you’re around attractive people all day, every day. It’s like, of course I’m not gonna be tempted. Hello, like, it’s easy. You know, you’re in a loving, committed relationship. I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea, like producers and that whole mind game and that whole twisted s**tshow that is reality TV.”