Mauricio Umansky Finally Confirms He & Kyle Richards Are “Currently Separated” as He Addresses RHOBH Star’s Relationship With Morgan Wade, and Threatens Whoever Leaked Split to Press, See His Video Interview

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Mauricio Umansky Finally Confirms He and Kyle Richards Have “Separated” as He Addresses RHOBH Star's Relationship With Morgan Wade, and Threatens Whoever Leaked Split to Press

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Mauricio Umansky is finally confirming that he and his wife Kyle Richards have indeed “separated” after 27 years of marriage, as he also addresses Kyle’s relationship with her rumored new flame Morgan Wade.

Mauricio’s surprising confirmation comes just days after he issued a denial during a podcast interview.

In a new video interview on September 29, Mauricio was seen on his way to a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal and took some time to speak with a reporter, during which he confirmed his “separation” from the RHOBH star and actress, and also denied Kyle, 54, and Morgan, 28, are sleeping together.

“You know I usually don’t like to comment about these things… but this morning I woke up to a bunch of text messages from all of the speculation and interpretation of something that I said on a podcast. And I received a text message actually from Kyle asking me what I said,” Mauricio, 53, said to TMZ on Friday. “Basically, I want to clear things up. Kyle and I are human beings okay. We have emotions We have feelings. We’re going through a really hard time. ”

“We are currently separated,” confirmed Mauricio. “We are not talking about divorce. We’re trying to deal with this stuff internally with ourselves privately.”

Mauricio insists his comments on the Red Mic podcast denying the split just days ago were misinterpreted.

“When I answered the question on that podcast about where we stand, the question was did Kyle and I plant the story in order to create ratings,” he shared. “The answer was we did not plant the story. As a matter of fact, at the time that the story came out from PEOPLE, Kyle and I were not separated and that’s what I was referring to.”

The initial PEOPLE story that came out in early July confirming the separation stated the couple had been separated for a while.

Mauricio, who calls DWTS “therapeutic” amid his marital woes, then went on to address Kyle’s relationship with country music singer Morgan, insisting Kyle and Morgan are not having a romantic relationship despite the ongoing rumors.

Kyle Richards poses with singer Morgan Wade

“There is no doubt in my mind that Kyle has not slept with or cheated with Morgan Wade,” Mauricio insisted. “They are really great friends. They are filming stuff together. They are doing things together. They are not in a relationship.”


When asked if there’s any chance he and Kyle could salvage their rocky marriage and relationship, Mauricio had some hope.

“I hope that we do,” he said. “Divorce is not part of our conversation right now. That is not what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with a separation… We’re not ready to throw in the towel yet… We love each other more than anything in the world.”

The ‘Buying Beverly Hills’ star then went on to call out whoever leaked out the original story to the press back in July.

“PEOPLE or whoever put out the original story. They know who told this story to them,” Mauricio said. “I asked PEOPLE to tell me who told you the story because if it’s somebody in our camp that works for us, they deserve to get fired. If it’s a friend of mine, they are no longer my friend. That was something personal to us that was sold.”

Mauricio closed out his interview by once again denying that he and Kyle “planted” the initial story of their split.