RHOSLC Recap: Monica Shares Shocking Rumor About Angie’s Husband and Lisa Confronts Monica For Her Materialistic Diss, Plus Heather Cries After Her Kids Were Bullied

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOSLC Recap: Whitney accuses Monica of sucking up to Heather and Meredith and not being a good friend to Angie and Monica tells Whitney that Angie's husband has been having sex with men Plus Angie finds out about the rumor Meredith is spreading!

Let’s catch up with our Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and find out why this episode is titled “Nastiness and Rumors.” I did not think they could top the nastiness of Heather in the sprinter puking/peeing, but we will find out!

Meredith lets Seth know about her situation with Angie, and he does seem to be engaged in her diatribe or he could be just hoping for some taint play for later. She also mentions Lisa losing her $60k ring and the drama that ensued. Meredith also shares that Monica took issue with Lisa bragging about her materialistic behavior. She then gets to the meat of the situation and lets him know Ms. Angie K. better watch her spanakopita or she will mention it all!

Lisa meets up with Meredith to get facials, and they are so fake together — but come to think of it, that is what bonds these two! She has been banned by a tanning salon where she insisted on getting tanned. Lisa had her membership canceled by the corporate office for her tanning tantrum. Meredith and Lisa both get their faces scanned, and Lisa’s skin is blotchy, and she finds the machine to be rude for calling out her bad skin care. Lisa should be happy that she is banned by the tanning salon after seeing her skin damage. Only Lisa would get in a fight with a tanning salon employee who refused to fry her skin.

Whitney and Monica meet at a restaurant. She lets Monica know it takes time to get into Lisa’s good graces, and she might want to slow her roll before she instigates her. Whitney then lets Monica know that her behavior was a red flag when she targeted her alleged friends. She concluded that Monica was just sucking up to Meredith and Heather. Monica pretends like Meredith needed her to have her back, and honestly, her response is utter nonsense. Whitney warns her to be careful with Mer because she can flash a serious eye on you. She thinks that Mer’s hobby is keeping a vault of rumors, and she just might be right…

Whitney shares that Justin is now going back to work after his non-compete clause has expired. She says that life is going to change in the house, but Whitney believes they need to adjust. Whit thinks Justin is going to go back to his male-dominant role in their marriage. She is fearful something may be missed if they are not observant with their children after what happened to her.

Angie and Shawn are playing a game with their daughter, Elecktra. She admits things changed in their relationship when their daughter was born. Angie admits that she focuses so much on her daughter and not being intimate with Shawn. She is going to regret sharing this information later in this episode.

Heather and her daughters go skiing, and the slopes look gorgeous. She wants to burn 450 calories an hour with this vigorous sport. Heather is thrilled that her girls are skipping school because they both have experienced bullying. Annabelle’s incident involved cookies with the C-word on them. Heather thinks her book has caused her kids trouble as a result. She believes she put a target on their back, and she is right about that in the conservative area they live in. Heather thinks her girls are minimizing their feelings so they can learn to cope. She does seem to have very levelheaded girls, and I am glad they are taking this in stride and finding humor to cope with it.

Lisa is inviting the other ladies to a party — even Monica, who is not in the 1%. She is having a party to celebrate her success with her Vida brand. Meredith and Angie basically avoid each other by doing Matrix moves to avoid contact. Is Angie wearing those super dark sunglasses because she is channeling Keanu? Lisa tells Monica that she resents her materialistic comment. She reminds her that they are all label-focused.

Lisa resents being called out for her success. She is wearing these weird denim pants that look super odd from the back. I think Baby Gorgeous should have opted out of those pants. Monica reminds Lisa that she had bragged she could have hung out with Snoop if she wanted to, and I sat right up so I could hear THIS story. Love me some Snoop Dogg! Heather mentions she has a pic with Snoop, and production shows us her cool pic.

Lisa then puts her finger in Monica’s face when she is defending herself, and Monica gets pissed. Monica then acts like a freaking toddler jabbing her claws in Lisa’s face. Lisa thinks her interests are more expensive than Monica’s. She refuses to let Monica shame her for having illustrious goals.

Mary finally joins the party, and she sees these cackling hens as beneath her. She talks to herself about being overdressed and she swishes herself around the room. Meredith tells Mary that she looks so chic sporting her carwash cloth strips. LOL, Mary’s jacket is now being dragged through the pizza. Mary looks at Whitney and thinks she looks cheap. She comments on Monica eating all the time, and this b*tch is on a roll with her nasty Mary-isms. Mary is also bashing Heather’s necklace choice. Heather refuses to let Mary get under her skin and just ignores her diss.

Whit and Monica want to pull Angie aside to let her know that Mer has been talking smack about her. She spills to Monica that Meredith was threatening to share some dark family secret about Angie and her husband. Monica is more concerned about the wording of nipping it in the bud/butt. She then alleges that Shawn likes to f*ck other men, and they have an arrangement. Whitney finds this hard to believe and wants Angie to know what Meredith is suggesting.

Once Whitney and Monica tell Angie what the rumor is, Angie defends her marriage of 27 years and their loyalty to each other. Angie says that Meredith lives to lie about other people’s marriages, and the only one that’s spreading their legs outside of their marriage is Meredith. Monica warns Angie that the “streets” are talking about Shawn and his alleged boyfriends. Angie then says, “I’m sick and tired of her lies and people do not talk about me or my family like this!” We then get a to-be-continued when Angie approaches Meredith…

I do not know about you guys, but I do not like it when these types of stories regarding a husband’s sexual preference are brought up on the show — except for Michael Darby since he was such a dirty dog! We will have to wait and see how Mer can talk her way out of this one next week in SLC! Have a great week, Blurbers!