RHONY Star Ubah Hassan Shares New Details on Fight With Erin Lichy, & Accuses Her of Gaslighting, Plus Talks Upcoming Reunion and Status of Cast for Next Season

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Ubah explains reason for fight with “s**t-stirrer” Erin, teases upcoming reunion, and claims no one in RHONY cast has yet been asked back.

Credit: Clifton Prescod/Bravo

Ubah Hassan revealed the background of her drama with “s**t-stirrer” Erin Lichy, teased the upcoming reunion and shared if any of her castmates on the Real Housewives of New York had been asked to return.

Ubah and Erin fell into a conflict when the 36-year-old took her phone as a “prank,” after Ubah playfully pushed her into a pool. However, the model and business owner didn’t see it as a prank, and she eventually took Erin’s sunglasses in retaliation.

In an interview with Variety, Ubah was asked how the argument played out for viewers.

“I’m quite aware that when Black girls raise their voice or speak, we’ve always been painted as the ones that cause the most conflict. And I just don’t want that narrative. I don’t think it’s only Black, I think it’s Chinese, Indian — anyone who is not blonde hair, blue eyes, we do feel this way. Like, we feel judged. That means you raise our voice,” she said.

Ubah went on to say, “Erin yelled at me, screaming at me and calling me a bitch couple times. Nobody’s calling her angry. Nobody’s calling her ghetto, nobody’s doing any of that, right? They are, in fact, calling her delicate. Me and her, I’m more delicate than her — she’s the gym rat.”

Ubah continued, “If you are a viewer, you know who the biggest conflict is. You know who is gossiping, who is the shit-stirrer. You can see the whole season, who gets in people’s business, get in people’s marriage — I don’t give a f**k, I don’t. Your life is your life. We just have fun as friends, I don’t gossip about other people behind people’s backs.”

The star also explained, “The phone was absolutely the seeds of the whole blowing up. It’s just a seed. It was a lot of irritation. If people saw the f**king thing, they can tell I didn’t speak to her all morning. First of all, she didn’t have my phone for 45 minutes. She said 45 minutes, she told her dad two minutes. You could see when we got to dinner, by the time I was looking at my phone it was almost midnight. The phone was just the tip of the seed of everything.”

Ubah then shared what actually led to the argument. “The next morning, I didn’t speak to her all morning, I didn’t eat breakfast with them, I didn’t work out, I didn’t do any of that — we saw that. We were standing by the stairs waiting, they said ‘Where’s Erin? I said, ‘Oh Erin was here. She’s gone, she’s coming back.’ I was literally just telling them that she was here and she was coming back, and you saw how she came to me like a hot tamale,” she said.

“I don’t mention your name in a bad way. And I explained to her I said ‘No, no, I just mentioned [you were coming back].’ Don’t disrespect me. Don’t do that and don’t yell at me with your sunglasses on. That’s disrespectful. And then on top of that, she lied about a bunch of things you will find out at the reunion. She was just gaslighting things the whole day. She’s a shit-stirrer, everybody knows it. I know it, a 2-year-old knows it, the viewer knows it. Unless you’re biased and selective-minded, then go f**k yourself,” Ubah added. “Why [does Erin] backpedal and say that this is the worst conflict you ever had, it reminds you of seventh grade when they call you a long chin? It’s just ridiculous.”

Teasing the reunion, Ubah stated, “There was a lot of crying on my part, there’s a lot of hurt that I address. I broke down a couple times, and I think most of us broke down. I can’t explain it until you are in it, because there’s a lot of things you want to be heard. and then there’s like six people, and everyone’s choosing different angles.”

When asked if the current cast will return next season, Ubah shared, “We don’t know yet.”