Below Deck Med Recap: Natalya Reaches Her Boiling Point With Tumi as Tumi Calls Her a Chihuahua, Plus Chef Jack & Tumi Butt Heads Over Communication Issues, and Kyle & a New Deckhand Join the Crew

by Julia Comments

Below Deck Med Recap: Natalya Reaches Her Boiling Point With Tumi as Tumi Calls Her a Chihuahua, Plus Chef Jack & Tumi Butt Heads Over Communication Issues, and Kyle & a New Deckhand Join the Crew

Tumi, the chief stew, is certainly making a name for herself on the yacht now that she is settling in and prepping for the new charter. On this episode of Below Deck Med, the crew gets a refresh when Kyle and a new deckhand arrive. It only makes things more complicated as Tumi and Natalya continue to butt heads over leadership styles and attitudes. But when Tumi starts having issues with Chef Jack, that’s when things really start to fall apart…

The chief stew is officially on board, and she is rocking the boat… pun intended. Tumi is making it clear the organization done by Natalya thus far is not how she would do it, and once hands start waving, it is evident that the stews are not off to the best start. Tumi is used to standing her ground, but Natalya is used to running this yacht. Power struggle 101.

Natalya runs and tells the crew all the new drama about ice queen Tumi, but they all decide to try and remain positive despite the way things started off. Captain Sandy calls for a preference meeting, and Chef Jack is about to get rocked with the vegan guest coming on board.  To make matters worse, the weather is going to be lousy, and therefore, they may have to stay docked.

Alliances are revealed when we see Tumi text Kyle before he even gets on the yacht. In a nutshell, Tumi threatens that, “Nat needs to stay in her lane.” Natalya has other things to worry about, though… like her open relationship. She still can’t get used to this situation that she is in, and who knows how long she will stay in touch with this guy, considering the flirtation with Luka is real.

The next morning, Tumi begins with her orders, Jack is whipping up his menu, and Captain Sandy is desperately trying to figure out how to work through the stormy weather. Natalya would rather stay down in laundry than deal with Tumi, and THAT is how we know how badly things are going between them…

Kyle is back on board — the one most love to hate, but admittedly he does bring the drama. Kyle is thrilled that Captain Sandy asked to have him back for this charter season, and he will tell anyone who will listen. Kyle is so excited to see Natalya, even though they ended on a bad note, and he listens eagerly while Natalya airs her grievances about Tumi, who also happens to be Kyle’s friend. Messy, messy.

Haleigh is trying to figure out how to put herself to good use on the “floating hotel” — a far cry from the tugs she is used to working on — and Tumi holds a meeting with her stews. She talks about ranks and puts Kyle right into second stew. Natalya gets bumped to third stew, and Jessika… well, is she really even necessary to be there at this point?! However, Jessika is relieved to be pushed back down to the bottom because that translates to less stress for her.

Finally, a new deckhand makes his way on board, a French man with four years of yachting experience. He gets there just in time to help lug in the provisions and change into whites. Little does he know that drama is brewing between the stews.

The bad weather is not helping the guests’ attitudes upon arrival, and even Captain Sandy admits that “this is gonna suck.” She must break the bad news to them that they will be staying on the dock, but their frowns change as Tumi shows them around the vessel.

Natalya is heated because she has learned that Tumi texted Kyle and said Natalya better watch her back, and she is letting everyone know that Tumi has it out for her. Much to Natalya’s pleasure, the service is off to a rocky start. Jack is getting rushed, and the guests are getting antsy, especially because they refuse the cheese plate that was prepared for them. Natalya is loving that things are spiraling, and she blames Tumi’s bad attitude for the issues she is having with the chef. Is this Tumi’s karma?

After much ado, the food arrives to some hungry guests, and they approve of the dishes that Jack cooked up, except for the vegan meal… that one only got a six… ooph. To try and deter herself from frustration, Natalya has decided to channel her emotions into flirting with Luka.

The masseuse arrives on deck to try and distract the guests from the fact that they are not actually moving on the boat. Captain Sandy likes Tumi’s “expectation of perfection,” but Natalya is working overtime trying to showcase Tumi’s negative attitude. Natalya lets Jack know that Tumi has already said something about him, and an alliance seems to form between them.

The charter guest lets Tumi know that she is changing her world because Tumi is a Black woman working on this boat. Tumi discusses how there is a big lack of diversity in the industry, and she shares how she fought hard to be in the position she is in now.

There’s a bit of confusion with service, once again… as the vegan guest requested pasta as her main. According to Tumi, the guests are the ones who messed up, and Jack lets Tumi know that she has to get this back on track. Tumi, clearly not looking to get blamed for issues, comes back downstairs to the galley to show Jack the actual menu they planned for the guests. Tumi snipes, “She got confused. It’s not our problem.”

Jack wishes that Tumi would start holding herself accountable for the mistakes, and therefore, he is having a hard time connecting with her. Tumi feels like because Natalya is running her mouth, she is causing unnecessary tension with the chef. She tells Jack, “I know you have someone in your ear,” and Jack promises that he made up his mind on his own.

It’s a late-night party for the guests as they stay up til 2:35 a.m., causing Kyle not to lie down until 3 a.m. Kyle left quite a mess for the morning person, who happens to be Natalya. She is stuck cleaning up the decorations from the night before, and she is not happy. When Tumi wakes up, Natalya lets her know the situation that Kyle left them in, but Tumi doesn’t seem to care.

Tumi states that she prefers Kyle going to bed at 3:00 rather than staying up late cleaning. She makes it clear she is fine with it and does not appreciate Natalya telling her how to handle her duties. Tumi likens Natalya to a Chihuahua, and she feels as though Natalya has been attacking her since day one. Tumi walks away from a fed-up Natalya, leaving you to wonder if these two will ever learn to get along… for the sake of the tips at least…!