RHOC: Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Ryan Claims Tamra Judge “Flashed” Him at Gym, Addresses Comment That He Wanted to F**k Tamra and Shares Full Story Behind ‘D**k Pic’ Fiasco

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Ryan Claims Tamra Judge “Flashed” Him at Gym, Addresses Comment That He Wanted to F**k Tamra and Shares Full Story Behind ‘D**k Pic’ Fiasco

Jennifer Pedranti’s boyfriend Ryan Boyajian claimed Tamra Judge “flashed” him at the gym, suggested her takedown was “planned all along,” and shared the full story behind the “d**k pic” fiasco.

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra introduced her friend Jennifer to the group – before slamming her boyfriend, insinuating he cheated on her.

Speaking on the AllAboutTRH podcast, Ryan claimed Tamra called Jennifer when she was in the casting process.

“Tamra’s telling Jen, ‘Why don’t you talk me up? It would be great. Why don’t you say Ryan and Eddie are super good friends, the four of us hang out, and maybe … we’ll see where it goes,'” said Ryan, who called it “interesting” that Tamra would later allege that she and Jennifer weren’t truly “friends.”

Ryan then shared his belief that Tamra’s takedown was “planned all along,” and she probably told the network that she has “a lot of dirt” on the couple, which she’ll “sell … down the river.”

Ryan shared that being on the show was the “hardest thing” emotionally that he’s “ever had to go through.” He also indicated that it’s “eaten up so much emotional bandwidth for Jen and I.”

He eventually addressed Tamra’s claim that Ryan told their mutual friend Heather Amin that he wanted to “f**k” Tamra.

“I [told Heather], ‘[Tamra’s] actually much prettier in person than she is on TV. That’s the only thing I ever said,” stated Ryan, who claimed Heather warned him to “stay away” from Tamra as she’s always seeking attention.

According to Ryan, Jen made a surprising allegation against Tamra at the start of their relationship.

“She says, ‘Do you know what’s been happening on the treadmill?’ I said, ‘Well Heather has told me.’ She said, ‘Yeah, there’s times Tamra has literally flashed you.’ Now granted, she’s wearing a sports bra but she’ll lift up her tank top, and she sang to the girls, ‘What do I have to do to get this guy’s attention?’ Cause I have my back turned and headphones on. And Jen is saying the same things that Heather was saying,” shared Ryan.

He also said Tamra would refer to him as “hot gym guy,” and she would notify Jen when he was “running without a shirt on.”

Addressing the ‘d**k pic’ situation, Ryan explained that he accidentally sent the intimate photo to everyone on his Snapchat contact list – including his son, daughter, and former friend Heather – though he thought it was just to Jen.

“First phone call is my son. ‘Uh dad?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah bud?’ He’s like, ‘What did you just send me?’ I’m like, ‘Nothing. Why?’ As I’m talking to him, my daughter’s calling me,” said Ryan, who shared that he eventually had to apologize to Heather, who also accidentally received the snap.

Ryan claimed that, according to Tamra, the RHOC star was with Jen when she received the snap, and Tamra decided to record the pic.

He also took offense at Tamra’s husband Eddie for saying on the show, “Once a cheater always a cheater,” in reference to himself. Ryan found this surprising given that Tamra allegedly cheated on her ex-husband Simon with Eddie.

“It’s just like [the] pot calling the kettle black when you can’t raise your hand, look in the mirror and own your s**t,” said Ryan.

Ryan expressed potential interest in moving on with Tamra and Eddie, but only if she changed her behavior.