RHONY Finale Recap: Sai Tells Brynn F**k You for Revealing Ubah’s Relationship, Sai & Jessel Get into It and Erin Takes Being Called Sai’s Pet Parrot to the Next Level

by Julia Comments

RHONY Finale Recap: Sai Tells Brynn F**k You for Revealing Ubah’s Relationship, Sai and Jessel Get into It and Erin Takes Being Called Sai's Pet Parrot to the Next Level

On the season finale of The Real Housewives of New York City, Brynn is hosting her masquerade birthday party. A secret gets spilled, causing Ubah to feel betrayed and Sai lashes out for a mistake *she* made. It’s a classic case of finger-pointing, but in the end, there are no real winners considering the party (and the season) ends on a sour note.

Ubah meets up with Erin for some fun, which is a nice change from how these ladies were acting a few episodes back… (need I remind you of the infamous sunglass/phone fiasco?). Erin feels bad, in retrospect, about picking on Pavit at the Swingers dinner, but she can’t seem to understand him. Erin calls the statement “she lets me do what I want” (which was never actually said by Pavit btw) uncommon.

Ubah discusses how she was a bit taken aback when Sai’s husband, David, came at her, wondering why she was single. Ubah explains that she is hopeful to one day have Ubah Hot tie the knot, but for now, she will continue being the Ubah we all know. After all, the only person who knows about Ubah’s mystery man is Sai. Ubah knows better than to let Erin in on her new relationship because she is aware that Erin has a big mouth.

Sai and Brynn walk Central Park and try to figure out where Ubah had sex… a memory they can never unhear. Sai talks about how her mother loved Central Park and how Sai used to sell incense for her mom there. Brynn discusses how she is going to endow a tree in Central Park for her Mimi to have something to honor her in the city. They walk around hunting for the perfect tree, and they find one quickly, causing Brynn to get emotional. A little piece of New York is now in Mimi’s name.

Jessel is shooting her first campaign of ready-to-wear and accessories out of India and the Middle East… in Jenna‘s apartment. This is not the first time Jenna has lent out her place — we learn that Jenna has had nearly 50 photoshoots in her apartment.

Ubah makes her way over to Jenna’s apartment to help guide the photoshoot. Ubah and Jessel take a minute to sneak off and talk about the newest beef: Erin and Sai talking smack about Pavit and Jessel’s marriage. Jessel does not appreciate those two trying to poke holes in her marriage because, let’s be real, talking about a husband should be off-limits. Jessel is unsure how she is going to handle seeing them at Brynn’s birthday…

Erin and Sai are prepping for Brynn’s upcoming party and are on the hunt for a Venetian mask. After picking out some gear, they chat about how Jessel called Erin a pet parrot. Erin is grossed out by this and threatens to “drop-kick” Jessel (a threat she makes often). Sai claims she is not being mean, she is just straightforward and abrasive (which translates to being mean LOL).

Erin lets Sai know that David is on Ubah’s list. Evidently, David offended Ubah by asking why she is still single, and of course, Sai tries to brush it under the rug.  She nonchalantly mentions that Ubah is good… because she is dating someone. Welp, the cat is out of the bag now, huh? Erin is shocked to hear this and probes for answers. Sai lets Erin know that Ubah said, “Please keep this between us,” and yet here Sai is, blabbing away. Erin is bothered that Sai learned about Ubah’s love life before she did, considering they are closer. Sai knows that she should not have said something, but it’s too late to retract it now.

All the ladies are wondering what to wear to Brynn’s party. Jenna is busy getting fashion advice from her son, who btw makes some fabulous choices and some great points. Meanwhile, Jessel is still struggling trying to get her voice back (literally and figuratively). She is beyond annoyed with Erin being fascinated with her marriage and calls her a parrot once again. Jessel believes that Sai and Erin are obsessed with her, and she wonders how the evening will turn out at the party — either she will ignore the mean girls, or she will let them know how she truly feels.

Brynn’s masquerade party is kicking off, and Brynn is dressed the only way she would be for her birthday, ready to take on the night. Sai claims she looks hot in her hat/mask, but I’m with Brynn — she looks like a bandit. Ubah rolls up, followed by Jenna, who took the mask assignment very seriously. She shares a birthday kiss with Brynn, and Brynn promises to be the next Ms. Jenna Lyons.

David finds Ubah to apologize, and he explains that he was trying to compliment her. Ubah calls it a teachable moment and promises David that she is good, insinuating that she has a special plus one in her life.

Brynn and Sai snicker about Jessel and how Sai wouldn’t know Jessel was at the party even if she was. Brynn goes as far as saying to Sai, “To you, Jessel is just camo, isn’t she?” When Jessel finally does arrive, she gives a blanket hello to Sai and Erin, and this sets Erin off. Erin is annoyed she didn’t get a hug hello, but Sai is actually happy that Jessel is ignoring her. Erin confronts Jessel and wonders why she didn’t get a proper greeting from her, and to that, Jessel lets loose.

Jessel reminds Erin of all the sh*t she talked about her husband and their relationship, and naturally, Sai makes her way over to the conflict. Sai makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be Jessel’s bestie, and I think it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual.

Erin believes that she has tried with Jessel and claims that Jessel is just lashing out now. She does not like that Jessel has a notepad filled with things Erin has said to her, and Jessel calls that psychotic, claiming she doesn’t do it. Erin can’t comprehend why Jessel would call her Sai’s pet parrot, and Jessel gets schooled on how to stand up for herself by Brynn. Brynn is frustrated that Jessel is not “sticking it to these b*tches.”

Brynn decides to play a fabulous birthday party game (not) where they are to air their grievances and end the issues among each other. What a great idea!! Brynn starts off and puts Pavit in the hot seat for calling Sai bipolar. Sai is offended by this claim of mental illness, considering her mother’s past, but she is more annoyed that Pavit called her a b*tch. Sai retaliates by reminding him not to confuse being honest with being a b*tch. Sai goes from zero to 60 and begins yelling at Jessel.

Sai continues to try and poke holes in Pavit’s Vietnam story, and Ubah says what we are all thinking: Why is this important?! Jessel asks David why his wife doesn’t like her, and Sai comes over to get into the convo. Sai continues to claim that at the end of the day, she just wants to know who Jessel is… yet when Jessel opens up to her, Sai doesn’t buy it. It’s like Jessel can’t win with Sai!

Erin comes out dressed as Sai’s pet parrot, and Jessel cannot help but laugh. It is nice to see them not taking themselves too seriously. Jenna watches this from the sidelines and chats with David about how fearless the other ladies are. Jenna is surprised and flattered to hear that Sai talks about her like a superwoman.

Brynn’s Nancy Drew cake comes out, and we learn that she is a secret fan. She blows her candles out, wishing for two husbands: one for her and one for Ubah. Over some cake, Sai lets Jessel know that she “makes her sick,” but they should all get over it. It seems like Erin, Sai, and Jessel are on the right track, and all seems good until a hyped-up Brynn yells from across the room, “Ubah, I heard ya got a man in Connecticut!”

Ubah plays dumb for a minute, but Sai is now in the hot seat considering she was the one who revealed Ubah’s mystery man to Erin, and most recently, Brynn. Brynn explains that Sai started it all on camera, and Ubah is infuriated. Jenna knows how vulnerable Ubah must feel knowing that something in her personal life is exposed.

Ubah tries to figure out how Brynn knew about CT, and Sai desperately tries to explain the difference between telling Erin (an accident) vs. telling Brynn (a drunken mistake). Sai admits to spilling the beans, but it’s interesting how she so artfully twists this into Brynn as the bad guy. How dare Sai call Brynn “f*cked up” for saying Ubah’s personal business when she was the one who was running around telling everyone?

Sai freaks when she is called out for being a jerk, and she clearly let Ubah down. As Sai puts it, Brynn let *her* down… because she got CAUGHT when Brynn said something. Ubah is not happy, and when Sai runs to find her, Sai repeatedly says it is not okay that Brynn did this. Jessel is ready to move past all of the petty BS and Erin feels like everyone just needs to cool off and press the reset button.

In true season finale fashion, we learn what the ladies are up to recently. Ubah’s “Mr. CT” has finally met the ladies (so much for remaining mysterious…), and Sai and Brynn are still beefing, considering Sai does not plan on inviting her to her home. Jessel and Pavit are doing great and are still kicking around the idea of baby number three… and Erin has a new baby herself, a Mezcal line, coming out soon. Jenna is proudly displaying her new relationship, and Brynn is freezing her eggs in Switzerland. Based on how things ended, maybe Brynn should just stay in Switzerland for the reunion… doesn’t seem like the happy ending we all hope for in a finale episode…