VIDEO: Mauricio Umansky and DWTS Partner Emma Slater Address Dating Rumors, Explain Real Reason Behind Hand-Holding Pics, as Emma Claims They Have a “Very Special Bond”

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Mauricio Umansky and Emma Slater Deny Romance Allegations, Share Why They Were Holding Hands after Dining Together, as Emma Claims They Have a “Very Special Bond”

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Mauricio Umansky addressed allegations that he’s romantically involved with his Dancing with the Stars partner Emma Slater after the duo were spotted holding hands amid his separation from wife Kyle Richards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star later indicated she wasn’t pleased to see photos of the hand holding, and she deleted a previous post of support for the dance partners.

On his Instagram Stories, Mauricio and Emma shared a video regarding the rumors.

“We do want to address this story, this whole thing that’s going out and about, about whether or not Emma and I are dating,” said Mauricio.

“For full clarity, we are not dating. Um, we are really good friends. Uh, we’ve been dancing together now for six weeks, four hours a day, um, every single day,” he added.

Emma then chimed in, “You really form a very, very special bond. And I think we have similar personalities … Last week was extremely emotional, so [we have a] super supportive relationship. We’re definitely there for each other, and, um, it’s beautiful.”

Mauricio then repeated that they’re “really good friends,” and he revealed the backstory of their hand-holding moment.

The star claimed he and Emma went to dinner together after their rehearsal. “Lots of the stories are wrong … We had a, it’s a very intense week, a very emotional week. We were talking about the week during dinner.  And when we came out of dinner, um, we were recapping [the week], and I reached out, um, to grab Emma’s hand, and she grabbed my hand and, uh, and then we walked, you know, to the cars. Just recapping and summarizing.”

Mauricio continued, “The paparazzi caught, you know, that moment and it’s become a blown-out moment.”

“And then all of a sudden, we’re dating,” Emma sarcastically interjected.

He then stated, “That’s it. Hope that clarifies. That’s the end of that story.”


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