RHONY Star Ubah Hassan Exposes DMs From Tamra Judge After She Accuses Her of Going After Jenna Lyons at Reunion to “Save” Her “Apple,” See Their Exchanges as Ubah Slams Her

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Ubah Hassan Releases Tamra Judge’s Alleged DMs after RHOC Star Suggested Ubah Went after Jenna at Reunion to “Save” Her “Apple,” Plus Ubah Claps Back

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Ubah Hassan clapped back at Tamra Judge for suggesting the Real Housewives of New York star was trying to “save” her “apple” at the recent reunion by “coming for” castmate Jenna Lyons.

During the taping, Ubah insinuated that Jenna acted differently in front of the cameras, and she claimed her castmates never wanted Jenna to join the show. The comments were confusing to certain fans given that Ubah and Jenna were peaceful throughout the season.

After Tamra’s shady words on Two Ts In A Pod, Ubah clapped back on her Instagram Stories.

“@tamrajudge secure what apple? Darling, I’m the tree, duh! You know they edit this show to the moon and back. They [choose] nothing random; they choose to edit that way to [create] confusion so people like you can talk,” wrote Ubah, via Allabouttrh.com. “If you’ve got questions, send ’em my way. Sorry if my home makeup session bothered you. FYI, I do what I want when I want.”

She went on to say, “Sidenote: It’s truly remarkable how some of you jump to conclusions, thinking that my choice to keep my relationship private implies the man must be married. Not everyone thrives on seeking attention or airing their entire life for public consumption. And don’t give me the BS I signed up for this. My man didn’t — Btw, I didn’t go to [the] reunion for anyone. I was there to seek clarity from a bunch of passive-aggressive hags.”

Image credit: @ubah/Instagram via @bravosnarkside/Instagram

Ubah then released an alleged message exchange with Tamra. In it, Tamra wrote that she “love[s]” Ubah, but she didn’t “understand [her] anger towards Jenna.”

Tamra then allegedly added, via @queensofbravo on Instagram, “Sorry, I take it all back. I wish they would have shown more of your perspective. I feel like you started to bring stuff up, but [they] glazed over it. It got very confusing for viewers.”

Ubah responded, “I bear no grudge against Jenna. She shared her perspective in her confessional despite not being present for the full story. I found it crucial to address this and seek clarity. Regarding cheese, I grew tired of discussing minor matters like cheese when more significant issues had arisen, and it appeared that everyone was avoiding them and being passive. I wanted Jenna to know that the team she aligned with on the show didn’t even want her.”

Ubah later declined Tamra’s purported offer to be interviewed on the podcast. “No, thank you. The majority of people here resort to passive aggression and can’t confront the truth. I won’t waste my time on a group of biased viewers accustomed to artificial interactions.”