Crystal Kung Minkoff Reveals What Was Cut From Garcelle & Dorit’s Fight on RHOBH, Talks Sutton’s Meltdown & Slams Jeff Lewis as a “B**chy Guy,” Plus She Talks Heather Dubrow’s Potential Casting

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Crystal Kung Minkoff Reveals What Was Cut From Garcelle & Dorit's Fight on RHOBH, Talks Sutton’s Meltdown & Slams Jeff Lewis as a "B**chy Guy," Plus She Talks Heather Dubrow’s Potential Casting

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Crystal Kung Minkoff revealed what was cut from Garcelle Beauvais’ argument with Dorit Kemsley and other cast members on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She also shaded Jeff Lewis, who suggested Crystal was irrelevant on the cast, addressed Heather Dubrow’s potential casting on RHOBH, and shared her thoughts about Sutton Stracke’s controversial reaction to Magic Mike.

Speaking with Deadline, Crystal addressed why she believes Jeff spoke negatively about her at BravoCon.

“I think that’s just his style,” she stated. “Normally I take the high road and I don’t say anything but I just felt like … I had to say something and I’m happy he apologized. I wasn’t going to stay quiet anymore and I just thought he needed to know that it was too much.”

Speaking with Access Hollywood, in a clip shared by @queensofbravo on Instagram, Crystal revealed her text exchange with Jeff after the shady comment.

“He texted me and he apologized, and I said, ‘Thank you for apologizing because you’re a c**k-sucker,'” said Crystal. “He’s b**chy. He’s a b**chy guy.”

In her interview with Deadline, Crystal also shared who she connected with at BravoCon. “[Marlo Hampton]’s so lovely,” said Crystal. “I got to spend a lot of time with Candiace [Dillard Bassett] the final night … I really enjoyed speaking with Dorinda [Medley]. I loved talking to Heather Dubrow — we’re going to get dinner together.”

When asked to share her thoughts about Heather potentially joining RHOBH, Crystal answered, “[I] would love Heather to join the cast. I really enjoyed her — we have a lot of mutual friends and we really connected this week on a level that I didn’t expect … We’ve been texting each other and I just think that she is fabulous and I think that Beverly Hills makes sense for her.”

The star went on to say, “She’s moving here. She actually bought my friend’s house. I spent a lot of Thanksgivings in that home, so I would love to be back in that house.”

Crystal’s tagline on the current season – ‘They say wisdom comes with age, but I’m proving otherwise’ – has been interpreted by many fans to mean Crystal lacks wisdom. Addressing the controversy, Crystal commented, “I loved [the tagline]… And then I saw the chatter online. I’m like, ‘Oh, I could see if you read it that way…’ But I think it’s funny. It was my favorite one that I’ve had in three years.”

The star continued, “It’s like the blue and gold dress. It’s like, which color do you see? I never saw the other color … I still stand by the tagline. I actually love it.”

Regarding Sutton’s strong reaction to Crystal and Erika Jayne’s on-stage interactions with the Magic Mike performers, Crystal expressed, “I think it was a combination of a lot … I think part of it was that [Sutton] wasn’t called up and she thought, ‘Why did I dress up like this?’ And to this day, she says that’s not what it’s about. She [says] she felt embarrassed for herself, for us, [and] the show was too much. I’m like, ‘I think it was the pants. I think you wanted to go up there.”

In spite of this, Crystal claimed she had “a good time and I did not want her to ruin the trip for me.”

The 40-year-old shared that her husband Rob Minkoff did not watch the ‘lap dance’ scene with the performer.

“We normally watch together but I watched [that scene] privately,” said Crystal, who said she called Rob after filming the episode. “[He told me], ‘Great, have fun. I don’t want to see it.’”

Crystal then shared what was cut from the on-screen argument between Garcelle and Dorit after the actress shared that she doesn’t trust many of her castmates when it comes to conversations about her kids – after they laughed at last season’s controversial scene in which Erika cursed at Garcelle’s son Jax.

“They didn’t show it but I actually stood by [Garcelle] in that and I was defending her saying that had this happened to one of your children you might have a different tune,” said Crystal. “I also said that had this happened to my children, I probably wouldn’t forgive anyone, ever. I would try to move on but I don’t think I would ever forget.”

The star declared that “kids are always off limits,” and she claimed she “one-hundred percent understood where Garcelle was coming from.”

Addressing where she stands with newbie castmate Annemarie Wiley – amid reports they fought throughout the season – Crystal teased, “We’ll see how the reunion goes.”

According to the star, Annemarie is “very outspoken” and “likes to make sure her views are out there and that’s going to always ruffle feathers whether they’re good or bad.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.