RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Sues Monica Garcia Over Unpaid Bills for Fillers as Monica Also Sues Heather for Alleged Botched Lips and Nose Injections

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RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Sues Monica Garcia Over Unpaid Bills for Fillers as Monica Also Sues Heather for Alleged Botched Procedures

Credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Heather Gay and Monica Garcia are suing each other.

Monica is a brand new cast member on RHOSLC, but she is already a popular force. On the show, she and Heather seem to be decent friends. However, the two have an upcoming spat that could change RHOSLC. Unfortunately, the spat involves an alleged unpaid balance as well as some botched injections.

As fans know, besides being on RHOSLC, Heather is a successful businesswoman who owns Beauty Lab and Laser, which is a medical spa in Salt Lake City. Monica went to the spa in 2019 for lip and nose injections. She agreed to pay monthly for the services rendered but never did.

According to legal documents obtained by The Sun, Monica only ever paid $449, which was the initial payment. This payment included a setup fee and a $400 down payment for the services. The new RHOSLC star was supposed to pay $200 monthly for 10 months but failed to do so.

Now, Heather is suing her RHOSLC cast member for breach of contract and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. The total for the cosmetic procedures was $2,449. Notably, Heather’s name is not a part of the lawsuit, though the RHOSLC star’s company is listed. The lawsuit also requests that Monica pay the legal fees for the company.

However, Monica is countersuing Heather’s Beauty Lab and Laser company. In a claim filed on November 7, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star wants retribution for breach of independent duty of care, breach of contract, and breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing.

Monica admits that she only paid the first payment, but she said she did so because she allegedly “received defective, negligently given injections, which did not have the intended, promised result.” Monica is saying she had to seek care elsewhere, which also cost her money. However, she also says Heather’s Beauty Lab and Laser company offered to fix the damages to her nose and lips.

The RHOSLC newbie’s lawsuit says, “The parties reached an oral accord and satisfaction wherein Monica paid for another, competent party to fix the damage to Monica’s nose and lips caused by the incompetent, negligent actions of Beauty Lab’s staff, and Beauty Lab was entitled to no further payment. ”

Monica does not have a set amount she’s asking for in terms of compensation. She says that the lawsuit is the result of Heather having animosity toward her. It’s also important to point out that RHOSLC’s Heather only filed the suit a few weeks before Monica debuted on the show. Perhaps this is all for a storyline for RHOSLC.