RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Slams Rumor Ex-Husband Fathered Only 1 of Her Kids, and Reacts to “Name Change” Allegations as Lisa Barlow Confirms Shoe Was Thrown at Angie’s Easter Party

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RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Slams Rumor Her Ex-Husband Fathered Only 'One' of Her Kids

Credit: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

Lisa Barlow confirmed a shoe was thrown at Angie Katsanevas’ contentious Easter party after the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie claimed Monica Garcia accidentally almost hit Angie’s niece with it.

During the recent episode – which didn’t show the full story, according to Monica – Angie confronted her for bringing up cheating rumors about Angie’s husband Shawn. After the episode aired, Monica claimed on social media that she went to the ER after falling down Angie’s stairs at the party. She also alleged the stairs weren’t up to code, and she said Angie should pay the medical bill. Meanwhile, Angie made her own allegations concerning the shoe throw.

Amid the social media war, Lisa cryptically wrote on Twitter, in a post shared by @allabouttrh on Instagram, that the “truth sets you free.”

When a fan asked Lisa if she could confirm that a shoe was thrown, Lisa responded, “It was thrown and Henry was very uncomfortable.”

Image credit: @lisabarlow7/Twitter via @allabouttrh/Instagram

Around the same time, Monica addressed a rumor from a fan who tweeted, “#FunFact Monica’s ex husband has only one child with Monica – the 2nd oldest.”

The star clapped back, “ALL four of my daughters are his. The last 3 are his biological and he adopted my oldest. They are all HIS. You are a joke.”

She then seemingly addressed Angie and Lisa’s recent insinuations that Monica isn’t being honest about her last name.

Monica indicated that “going off about a name change” is “ridiculous” – though she didn’t seem to deny it.

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