Kenya Moore Slams Ramona Singer Amid Racism Scandal, and Talks Possible ‘RHOA’ Reboot, Plus Andy Cohen Addresses NeNe Leakes’ Wishes at BravoCon

by Barnell Anderson Comments

Kenya Moore Slams Ramona Singer Amid Racism Scandal, and Talks Possible 'RHOA' Reboot, Plus Andy Cohen Addresses NeNe Leakes' Wishes at BravoCon

BravoCon was in full swing this weekend, which means fans got more than their fair share of reality tea in the form of interviews. Multiple cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta discussed the possible reboot on their show, but Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore both seemed to have much to say about the idea.

Additionally, Kenya had words for Ramona Singer while Andy Cohen addressed NeNe Leakes’ future with Bravo.

Of course, fans are split about the future of RHOA. Some feel that it’s time for the show to get all new faces, but others think it simply needs to be tweaked. This idea of a RHONY level reboot for RHOA has been on the table since before the previous season ended. As some fans will remember, an insider claimed Bravo wanted a shake-up to hopefully restore it to its former glory.

Over the weekend, both Kenya and Kandi talked to Entertainment Tonight about the potential reboot and if it would work in Atlanta. Kandi said, “Oh, you mean like a total reboot? No, I don’t. I feel like it’s hard enough for them to find one new person a year or two new people a year, to find a whole entire cast. That’s my personal opinion, but you know, hey, they could try.”

Kandi has shared similar sentiments recently, as this isn’t the first time she’s been asked about the future of RHOA. However, Kenya also offered her opinions by saying, “I would like to just say for the record, we are irreplaceable, okay, period. ”

Kandi then asserted, “The cool thing about us is that no matter what, you’re always going to see us. We keep it going, and we keep it poppin’. We always have something going on. So, I just respect the franchise in itself. I’ve seen people come and go, or whatever, so I don’t have anything to really say about whether they choose to do it, but you asked me if I think it can be done as a total rebuild, and my answer is no. ”

Many fans who attended BravoCon believe The Real Housewives of Atlanta reboot is imminent. First, the fact that there has been no announcement made about the show is incredibly telling. Additionally, the energy of the ladies during the RHOA panel seemed a bit off from how it’s been at past BravoCon panels. However, perhaps the biggest warning sign came in the form of a tweet. The official Bravo Twitter reported that the ladies were saying their “final goodbyes” after the panel ended. Some fans took this as bad wording, but others saw it as an unintentional sign.

Besides discussing the RHOA reboot, Kenya had some choice words for Ramona after she was uninvited to BravoCon due to allegedly using racial slurs. Kenya said, “Well, you know, I had heard some things, and I have friends that work with her. I had known some of those issues existed, but I’d never had proof. So I’m actually glad to see her go, honestly. In this environment, there’s no place for racism.”

Of course, Kenya and Ramona were both on Ultimate Girl’s Trip and famously didn’t get along with each other.

Andy also made news at BravoCon for a couple of reasons. When asked about the RHOA reboot, he stated that the show needed to be “tweaked” in some way. However, the biggest news came when a fan asked about NeNe Leakes. The WWHL host said there is always room in his heart for everyone. But when a fan asked about NeNe getting a peach, he said, “She asked me a few years ago to leave her name out of my mouth, so I try to respect that.”

In other words, the door is closed to NeNe Leakes returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.