RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Fires Back at Monica Garcia’s Lawsuit Over ‘Botched’ Injections, Plus She Says Monica is “Full of Lies”

by Barnell Anderson Comments
RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Fires Back at Monica Garcia's Lawsuit Over 'Botched' Injections, Plus She Says Monica is "Full of Lies"

Credit: Rich Polk/Bravo

News broke recently that Heather Gay and Monica Garcia of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City were suing each other. 

Heather sued the RHOSLC newbie for refusing to pay for services from her beauty spa, Beauty Lab + Laser. Monica then filed a countersuit against the company for botched injections as she had to find a different facility to fix the mistakes made by Heather’s company.

According to both lawsuits, Monica never made a single payment beyond the initial one, which Heather’s company claims caused them hardship.

Now, Heather is responding to her RHOSLC co-star’s countersuit. Not only did she take to her official Instagram to post an ad for her medical spa, but she also added a caption that directly called out Monica. The first part of the caption talks about the business being top-rated and trusted by numerous customers.

Heather wrote, “Beauty Lab + Laser is a phenomenal business, in the top 1% of providers, with over 3,000 positive reviews. Our injectors are nationally ranked and leaders within the industry and our legion of loyal customers speaks for itself.”

However, things get shady towards the end of the post. It reads, “This lawsuit in the press has no merit and is unfortunately a pattern of behavior from a desperate woman who when unable to pay her bills lashes out to avoid accountability.”

Though the RHOSLC star didn’t mention Monica by name, it’s clear who the post was designed to address as this is the only publicly known lawsuit against the company.

The comments to the post were a mix of vouching for Beauty Lab + Laser and calling out Monica. One fan wrote “Not the girl crying that she felt obligated to buy a purse so she could “fit in” but couldn’t really afford it now countersuing because she couldn’t afford the Lab ???????????? We love you Heather!!!”

Another chimed in, “Haven’t liked Monica from day one. Her credit card bill came in the mail and now she realizes she can’t afford afford that rented Range Rover and LV bag! So now she has to go after someone… ????Forever and always team @heathergay ???? ❤️

Lastly, a fan commented, “I trust beauty lab more than a new housewife desperate for attention ????????????”

The RHOSLC star also spoke about Monica at BravoCon after being asked. Heather had this to say to The Messenger, “I don’t pay attention to anything she says. She’s full of lies.”

When the publication pressed further, asking if she believed anything at all Monica says, Heather responded simply by saying, “No.”

Of course, outside of countersuing Beauty Bar + Laser, Monica recently circulated rumors about RHOSLC cast member Angie Katsanevas’ husband, Shawn, being unfaithful. It is assumed that this is why RHOSLC’s Heather had such harsh words for Monica.