Paige DeSorbo Claps Back at “Middle Aged” Southern Charm Fans Who Want Her to Be “Obsessed” With Craig, and Shares How She Deals With Anxiety, Plus Craig’s Greatest Quality, See Her Post

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Paige DeSorbo Calls Out “Middle Aged” Southern Charm Fans Who Believe She Should Be “More Obsessed” with Boyfriend Craig Conover, Says His Greatest Quality Is “Land[ing] Me as His Girlfriend”

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Paige DeSorbo called out “middle-aged” Southern Charm fans who believe she should be more enthusiastic about her relationship with boyfriend Craig Conover, and said his best quality is “land[ing] me as his girlfriend.”

The Summer House star, who has appeared in several episodes of the current season, expressed less interest than Craig in moving to Charleston and having children together.

On her Instagram, Paige called out “middle aged” Southern Charm fans shading her relationship with Craig.

“Every middle aged Southern charm fan: you should be more obsessed with Craig,” said Paige.

She then wrote, “Me: Congratulations to my man for having me as his girl.”

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On Amazon Live, Paige shared that she and Craig are going to split Thanksgiving between Delaware, Albany, and New York City.

When asked how she deals with anxiety, Paige answered, “I do what everyone else does. I cry by myself once a month and bury it deep inside for the other days … It comes in waves.”

The star also shared that Craig will sometimes make her “do things that I don’t want to do,” some of which involve “socializing” with people and “leaving my bed.”

Paige claimed she “blackmail[s]” Craig into buying her things as rewards, though she herself didn’t buy Craig anything for Valentine’s Day, because she believes the holiday is “for the girls.”

When a fan asked her to share Craig’s greatest quality, she said, “Craig’s best quality is being able to land me as his girlfriend, and we applaud him for it.”

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