Paige Desorbo Reveals Which Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Complains About Most, Plus Craig Considers Leaving Paige to Start a Family

by Alexander Gates Comments
Summer House’s Paige Desorbo Dishes on who Craig Conover Complains About in the Southern Charm Cast, and Craig Contemplates Leaving Paige to Start a Family 

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Bravo

 Summer House star Paige Desorbo recently revealed who Craig Conover complains about the most on the Southern Charm cast. Craig, for his part, is contemplating leaving Paige, whom he calls the “love of my life.” 

During the BravoCon 23 three-day blast the Summer House star, 31, spilled the beans about Craig, 34, and who he complains about the most on the cast of Southern Charm. It went down during a recent episode of BravoCon Live with Andy Cohen Takeover which included a Watch What Happens Live drinking game similar to Truth or Dare – the dare being taking a drink. 

Paige was asked a juicy question about her boyfriend Craig.  “Paige, which of his Southern Charm castmates does Craig complain about the most?” asked Andy. 

The influencer didn’t waste time contemplating her answer and quickly dropped a name, saying, “Oh, Austen [Kroll].” For his part, Craig seemed amused at her answer and laughed.  

 Of course, as Southern Charm fans know, Austen and Craig have a friendship. In fact, Austin often takes to Instagram to share clips and pics of the two hanging out together. Austin joined the cast of Southern Charm in 2019 and, as they’re both the youngest members of the cast, they took to each other rather quickly.  

Though they’ve been friends, the relationship has not been drama-free. The two have had their share of on-camera beefs over the years, despite becoming roommates in season 7.  

Speaking of Craig, he recently told friend Rodrigo Reyes on the Thursday, November 9 installment of Southern Charm, regarding he and Paige, “It’s time to s—t or get of the pot.” He and Paige have been dating since 2021 and the attorney noted that if it were up to him, he would “be engaged by the end of the year.” 

“I want that storybook life. I do want the white picket fence,” he explained. “I just want to make sure we continue to trend in that direction.” He went on to add that his future “always consisted of a family with kids.” 

At this point, Craig naturally began questioning, “What do I want more? Do I want to be with Paige and be patient to eventually have that family with her? Or do I want the family so bad that I’m going to leave the love of my life?” Ultimately, though, he indicated that he did not want kids with someone he doesn’t love.  

 Season 8 of Summer House will likely premiere in early 2024 and you can catch new episodes of Southern Charm Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.