RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Calls Out Lisa for Not Acknowledging Her Friend’s Passing and Accuses Her of Lacking Self-Awareness as Lisa Breaks the Fourth Wall, Plus Monica Apologizes to Lisa

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOSLC Recap: Whitney Calls Out Lisa for Not Acknowledging Her Friend’s Passing and Accuses Her of Lacking Self-Awareness as Lisa Breaks the Fourth Wall, Plus Monica Apologizes to Lisa

This week on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, some people will be receiving some icy apologies. Will the apologies be enough to defrost this group? Let’s watch the ice melt, shall we?

Heather visits Angie at her home with those spectacular views. She tries to get some clarity on what is going on with Monica. Angie thinks the wagon game was what set Monica off, and that literally is a no-brainer. Heather takes no accountability for her shady game and thinks Monica is a ticking time bomb ready to implode on the Beauty Lab. She thinks that Monica has rapidly changing behavior and sees similarities to Jen Shah. Heather is now recognizing how she gravitates to levels of dysfunction like a moth to a flame. She is trying to not make the same mistakes again.

Heather is now concerned that she and Monica have planned this trip, and it might be Pioneer Day part two. Angie recommends that she contact Monica and try to clear up the issues within the group. She then mentions that she is not invited to Mer’s jewelry event, and she should be thankful. Heather is going to have to talk to Monica at Mer’s event and find out if she can make nice with Baby Gorgeous.

Whitney and Justin are driving to couples therapy — decked out in matching Gucci shirts. What is with all the designer attire of late on Justin? We just had a Fendi beanie on him last week, which was unflattering since it accentuated the size of his head. Justin would rather get couples therapy from Meredith and Seth, who tend to side with him on relationship issues. Whitney shares her friend Shari is dying from cancer. She thinks their problems are nothing compared to what her best friend Shari is dealing with.

Lisa is being joined by Meredith at a café. She compliments Meredith on the jewelry she is wearing from her collection. Meredith hopefully has dusted everything off since no one wants dusty jewels! Lisa cannot believe how nasty Monica behaves. Meredith wants to know if Lisa told Angie that she threatened her, but Lisa says it was implied. She calls Lisa out when she has trashed talked others, specifically her hot mic moment.

Meredith is disappointed that Lisa is still talking behind her back. She sees the commonalities with the dispute Lisa is having with Monica and how hypocritical she is being. Meredith believes Angie is gaslighting her, and Lisa does not have the self-awareness to see where Mer is coming from. Lisa is claiming she pumped the breaks with Monica. Meredith is perplexed that she did not pump the brakes with Angie and be loyal to her. She tells Lisa that karma comes back to haunt you.

Mary has Monica come over, and this is so random. She talks about her son, and all I can think of is what is going on with him now. Mary is acting all gracious, and I am waiting for the nasty axe to fall. She felt like she lost her mind around this group and is on a self-imposed sabbatical. Mary blames both Lisa and Monica for their issues. She tells Monica to not hold grudges, which is rich coming from her! I feel like Mary took a happy pill today. Mary tells her to apologize sincerely — even if she believes that Lisa is wrinkly. Side note: Why is all this accommodation being made for Mary to film scenes, and the other ladies have to come to Whoville to sit by her throne?

Angie calls Whit and tells her she is sorry to hear she lost her friend Shari. Whitney shares that Shari came to her Prism event even though she was so ill. She says that Shari went for her, so she will show up to get paid for Meredith. I do not know if I could go to a dusty jewelry soft launch for someone you barely tolerate at times after my best friend just passed away.

John and Lisa, who is sporting a Cookie Monster coat and MC hammer pants, are shopping for Jack — at a Missionary Men’s shop. Are these places masquerading as Men’s Warehouses in other cities? Jack tries to convey to her that he needs to leave the nest just like she did when she was running with Russian mobsters. Lisa needs to let her baby bird leave the nest and allow him to expand his horizons. She gets emotional thinking about Jack not being around for the holidays. Jack wants to be treated as an adult and not a kid anymore.

Heather and Monica meet up at a bar before Mer’s event to discuss if she is coming to Bermuda, and she first says she is not. Monica says that the pioneer lunch was difficult for her but she is not going to miss a free vacation. She apologizes to Heather for letting her down. Monica is going to try to be nice, or more baseline as she referred to it. WTF does that mean?

Meredith and Seth arrive at her soft launch party. Whitney comes in and tells Meredith that her friend Shari died. Meredith is surprised that she still showed up after her friend died. Heather comforts Whitney over losing her friend. Lisa comes over bearing gifts — but for Heather — and Whit is irked that they are not for her since she told Lisa first about Shari’s passing. She resents that Lisa is acting like herself and not paying attention to her.

While Meredith is thanking Seth for his support of her plated jewelry line, we have more side conversations. Monica clearly has a scroll of apologies stuck in her bra, and she admits to Lisa that she fights dirty and that she is a great mom. Lisa’s smile turns up like the Grinch does when he steals Christmas enjoying Monica’s litany of apologies. She then tells Monica that Jack is going to Colombia, and Monica lets her know about her Colombian roots on her dad’s side.

Lisa pulls Whitney aside to chat about her lunch with Meredith. Whit does not have the capacity to deal with that right now — nor any day for that matter. Lisa cannot fathom someone not wanting to listen to her complaints. Monica pulls them away to give everyone a bottle of rum and pastries from Bermuda. Monica is excited to share Bermuda with them since her family has roots there.

Lisa tries to talk to Whitney again, but she does not acknowledge her. Whitney should never have come to this event. It was pointless to expect empathy from Lisa. It makes you wonder, did she really show up for Meredith, or was it to film and get pity for herself? Who would expect someone to go to a promotional event the day after their best friend died?

Whitney seems peeved that Lisa ran straight to Heather bearing gifts without comforting her first. She needs to stop expecting certain behaviors from someone as shallow as Lisa. Whit clearly is annoyed that Lisa and Heather are friendly. Lisa says, “I can’t always keep a mental calculator of everything going on for everyone at all times.” Whit cannot understand how Lisa could not retain information from the night before.

Whitney decides to leave, and she should just go and grieve her friend and stop expecting empathy from those who are not capable. Lisa cannot tolerate being called selfish and uncaring, and she tells the producers she wants her mic pack off. She then tells John, “F*ck Whitney!” Lisa cannot handle being labeled anything other than Fendi or Chanel, and the scene ends. Happy Hump Day, Blurbers, and see you tonight in Miami!