RHOSLC Star Mary Cosby’s Son Robert Jr. Was Arrested for DUI as He’s Also Charged With Giving Cops Fake ID After Alleged Attempted Break-in, Details Are Revealed

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

RHOSLC Star Mary Cosby's Son Robert Jr. Arrested for DUI as He’s Also Charged With Giving Cops Fake ID After Attempting to Break into Apartment, Details Are Revealed

Mary Cobsy‘s son, Robert Cosby Jr., was arrested for a DUI in March 2022 after admitting to using Oxycontin, Xanax, and marijuana.

Months before giving police a fake ID after an alleged break-in and years after being accused of driving under the influence and being in the possession of drugs, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member’s 21-year-old son found himself in trouble with the law yet again.

According to a police report obtained by The U.S. Sun, Robert was followed by police after tossing beer cans into a dumpster on March 21, 2022, and was seen making a number of traffic infractions, including “not signaling to turn right” and not staying in his lane.

Although Robert wouldn’t initially pull over, he eventually turned into a police station and told an officer he “did not have a driver’s license” but “had not been drinking.” He also said he “has recently in the past taken some oxycontin, Xanax, and smoked marijuana.”

While Robert insisted he doesn’t drink, it was confirmed that his driver’s license was suspended due to a past alcohol violation.

During the DUI arrest, Robert failed a field sobriety test, stepping “off [the] line several times, [missing] heel to toe several times… [and] never [counting] his steps out loud.” He then blew “triple zeros” during a breathalyzer and later took a blood test to see what he may have been under the influence of.

After animal control took custody of Robert’s dog who was in the car, along with Rob’s friends, Mary came to pick him up, and he was charged with “driving under the influence of alcohol, improper right turn, driving on suspension alcohol-related, and failure to operate within a single lane.”

Months later, Robert pleaded not guilty to all charges but was found guilty of driving under the influence. In turn, he was hit with a $1,610 fine and dealt 12 months probation.

During his probation term, Robert was restricted from consuming alcohol, non-prescribed controlled substances, and over-the-counter medicine, and forced to serve 30 days of house arrest, during which he could only leave home “for treatment, work, and [random urine testing].”

But that wasn’t the end of Robert’s legal drama. In fact, as The U.S. Sun confirmed, he was charged just months later with providing a fake ID to police after he and an unnamed woman were tied to a potential break-in.

On May 13, 2023, police responded to a 911 call from someone who believed someone was “breaking into the neighbor’s apartment.” And ultimately, Robert and the woman were discovered by police after jumping “off the 3rd story balcony,” as noted in a police report.

After being pulled over by police after making the jump, Robert gave them a fake ID.

“Cosby provided [an officer] with an Arizona driver’s license number… which dispatch checked and did not return to anyone and later determined it was a fake ID,” the report said.

During a medical check for injuries, Robert’s ankle monitor was seen and he admitted “he is on house arrest.”

Robert eventually told police his real name and date of birth but was issued a citation “for providing false information to the police” and found guilty of giving false personal identity to a police officer months later.

Because parts of the report are redacted from the public, it’s hard to say what went down when it came to the alleged break-in. However, after police responded to the home to do a welfare check on those inside, one resident claimed Robert and the female were friends and “welcome inside the home.”

After being found guilty, Robert was fined $180 and placed on six months probation, and in September, the case was dismissed.

In a statement to The U.S. Sun, Robert’s attorney, Clayton Simms, said his client was “having fun and being silly” and that “there was no [break-in].”

“Robert is taking responsibility for the mistakes he’s made in the past. He embraces whatever requirements the court imposes upon him,” he added.

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