VIDEO: RHOSLC Season 4 Trailer! Whitney Rose Cries Over Marriage as Husband Removes Ring, Mary Returns and Calls Heather “Inbred,” and Newbie Monica Says She’d “F-ck” John and Seth

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VIDEO: RHOSLC Season 4 Trailer! Whitney Rose's Husband Removes Wedding Ring as Mary Returns and Calls Heather "Inbred" and Newbie Monica Says She'd "F-ck" John and Seth

Credit: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is back for a fourth season, and while the currently-incarcerated Jen Shah is not featured, there’s no lack of drama.

As Mary Cosby returns and Angie Katsanevas takes on a full-time role after being featured as a “friend” during season three and newbie Monica Garcia, who is described as “blunt, opinionated and never afraid to speak her mind,” joins the show, Whitney Rose‘s marriage appears to be hanging on by a thread as the relationships of others are targeted.

“For three years we were tormented, brutalized, and lived in fear,” Heather Gay declares as the sneak peek begins.

Then, as Whitney tells someone they “exploited [her] vagina,” Lisa Barlow says she “will not deal with lies” and Meredith Marks is seemingly confronted with rumors about husband Seth Marks.

“You want me to go there with your husband? I can go there,” a woman warns.

“Don’t f-ck with me,” Meredith replies.

As quirky as ever, Mary rejoins the group after a one-season hiatus that was seemingly prompted by rumors surrounding her church.

“Somebody rescue me, quick!” she says in a confessional.

But with her quirkiness comes drama.

“Do you think I look inbred?” Heather asks her in one scene.

“I do,” Mary replies.

Heather then wants to know, “Who is the real Monica,” as the newbie comes in hot.

“I would f-ck [John Barlow] and Seth,” she proclaims to her castmates, saying in a later scene that she “fucked her —- for 18 months.”

“I was married in a temple, then I was excommunicated,” she shares at another moment.

In addition to John being brought up, Lisa was also met with questions surrounding her son Jack.

“Is Jack going on a mission?” Heather asks Whitney, who confirms the news.

“It’s weird to me,” Heather replies.

She then tells Lisa, “The doctrine is problematic,” as Lisa fires back.

“I don’t wanna talk about Jack’s mission,” Lisa states.

Later, as she hugs her son, Lisa elaborates, “I get so emotional because I’m like, ‘It’s such a big deal.'”

At a dinner date, Meredith and Seth, who opened up about their marriage problems last year, discussed rumors surrounding Angie.

“What the freak’s the rumor with Angie K.?” asks Seth as Meredith smirks.

And Lisa hints in a separate scene that Heather may be behind the report.

“Heather likes to drop the grenade and run,” she notes.

In a scene with her husband, Shawn Trujillo, Angie is forced to explain herself, telling her spouse, “I stood up for our marriage and for our family unit.”

But Shawn isn’t happy and reminds Angie, “You know [our daughter] Elektra’s gonna hear about this.”

Not surprisingly, Heather and Whitney continued to endure ups and downs amid filming on season four after suffering a falling out during season three.

“It feels like you two must be talking a lot of sh-t about me,” Heather alleges during a cast dinner.

“Heather, shut the f-ck up,” Whitney replies.

And Whitney isn’t the only person feuding with Heather.

“Heather, you’re out of control,” Monica tells her.

“You look sedated with your horse tranquilizers and sh-t,” Angie adds as Heather gets up from the table.

Also in the trailer, after Lisa tells Angie that someone on the cast is “saying you use your businesses to wash your money,” Heather accuses another co-star of being a “f-cking bully and a f-cking troll,” and Whitney’s marriage troubles come to light.

“It was our anniversary. I just asked [Justin Rose], ‘Do you still wanna do this?’ He’s like, ‘Do you?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know,'” Whitney recalls to Angie.

Then, speaking to Justin directly, Whitney says, “To see your wedding ring in the drawer ever day, that hurts me.”

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four premieres on September 5 on Bravo.