REPORT: Jen Shah is “Frightened” After Prison Photo is Leaked and Wants an Investigation, Plus Prosecutors Aim to Garnish Her RHOSLC Wages for “Unpaid” $6.7 Million Restitution

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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah “Frightened” After Prison Photo is Leaked, Says Pic Was Taken “Secretly” and Wants an Investigation, As Prosecutors Aim to Garnish Her Wages for “Unpaid” Restitution

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Earlier this month, Jen Shah was unknowingly photographed while walking in the yard at Federal Prison Camp Bryan, Texas where she’s currently serving her 5.5-year prison sentence for telemarketing fraud.

The incident reportedly caught the former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star off guard that she’s become paranoid that the photo was taken from inside the compound and now fears for her safety.

“When I saw the photo and recognized the angle and location of where that photo was captured, I became immediately frightened,” Jen told TMZ through her rep, Chris Giovanni.

“I strongly believe the photo was not taken from the outside near the exterior gates, but rather deep inside the compound at FPC-Bryan,” she continued.

If what Jen is claiming to be true, then it stands to reason that the photo was taken without her knowledge by the prison staff or personnel to make a quick buck. Another scenario would involve the prison staff illegally allowing paparazzi access to Jen.

The incident has Jen scared that if someone is indeed secretly snapping images of her, they may be able to get more and possibly distribute even more invasive photos.

“I am so worried the next photo secretly taken of me could be in the shower, using the bathroom, or possibly changing my clothes,” she said in her statement.

The RHOSLC alum added that her husband, Sharrieff, has plans to contact the Bureau of Prison to ask for an investigation into how the pic was obtained. According to the outlet, Sharrieff is in the ‘process of writing a letter expressing [his] concerns.”

On top of being secretly photographed inside the prison walls, Jen’s problems on the outside world also continue to mount. Manhattan, NY, federal prosecutors are reportedly attempting to garnish the remaining wages Jen earned from her time on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to pay back the court-ordered $6.7 million in restitution to the victims of crimes.

Jen’s former attorney, Priya Chaudhry (who is also suing Jen for unpaid services), previously stated that Jen had “initiated” the process of repaying victims, but the Feds are contradicting those claims. As of Thursday, May 25, the prosecutors maintain that the restitution remains “unpaid.”

According to The New York Post, Shed Media, Inc., who owns RHOLSC, still owes Jen $34,500, her salary for one episode of the Bravo show, and are asking the courts to allow them to garnish 25% of the disposable income.

The motion also states that any other earnings Jen makes from the company should continue to be paid to the court until her prison release date, which currently sits at August 30, 2028.

Back in March 2023, prosecutors attempted to track down assets that the disgraced former reality star had purchased with the stolen money that she swindled from her victims, mainly the elderly, from a decades-long telemarketing scheme that promised bogus marketing services and phony business investments.

Though they couldn’t find everything, prosecutors did say that they recovered two pieces of expensive jewelry: a diamond-encrusted pendant necklace and an 18-karat rose gold and diamond ring. The sale of those items is set to aid in repaying Jen’s debt.